Back In The Day...We Had Some Pretty Good Concerts

We’re talking mostly about headliners that filled Millett, especially for Homecoming and Family Weekend concerts…

They’ve been doing a big comedy show as the family weekend headliner for the past decade plus. Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Trevor Noah, Colin Jost, etc. They brought in an EDM DJ whose name escapes me to play an unticketed show at Yager for move in week while I was there, but that was basically it in terms of relatively known music acts to perform there. The types of musicians famous enough to sell out Millett generally don’t perform shows at venues that size these days.

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Yes on Lil Sibs weekend in 1984 was my first concert. Still have the shirt!

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I hope you did not have a beer with Bill Cosby in 1996.

Yes was my Last concert at Miami as I am a 84 grad .Elton John was my 1st as a freshman.

Best seats were 4th row for the Kinks in 1981.

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Elton John in 1972. Little did we know.


With that group, it was more likely to have been Bing.

My wife and I were at that concert. We bought tickets at half time of the football game. Sat on the stage as all the speakers were not needed, but ear plugs were.

We were also at the concert in Toledo a month or so ago when John walked off the stage because of some a hole’s heckling him about talking too much and not playing what they wanted.

About a 3-day camp out for R.E.M. in fall (on me?) of 1987. They had just crossed over from college radio to mainstream, and the campus went crazy.

Also recall Echo and the Bunnymen coming to Millett. Wish I’d gone to that one.


I sort of recall The Samples playing Cook field as well…

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I’m not sure about the year (1979?) but Foreigner and Heart were very good concerts.

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I saw Weird Al Yankovic with Scalper at Hall Auditorium - circa 1986

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Tribe Called Quest in 1992.

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I was there, although I was still in high school. Great show. The best show during my years was Talking Heads and it’s not even close. (I am biased against the Flock of Seagulls because they were bad and caused hearing loss.)

In my Miami years 1959-63, I saw Dave Brubek, The Lettermen, The Four Preps, The Kingston Trio, Maynard Ferguson, H-Bomb Ferguson.


George & the Jetsons on their Plastic Man tour.

Hootie (now Darius Rucker) & the Blowfish and Live. Live was pretty good - but the chicks dug Hootie songs.
Not a concert but Ross Perot spoke at Millett when he was running and the lights cut off in the middle of his speech - except his lectern light. Thought he was about to be popped in front of several thousand ppl. Kind of crazy.

A few pics from the Springsteen concert.

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That was one of the many benefits of growing up in Oxford…access to some great concerts! I had the pleasure of seeing many of the bands/artists already mentioned (with the Carpenters being the first in 1970), but my all-time favorite was Jimmy Buffett in March 1980 & December 1983. Springsteen and the Talking Heads were up there, too. I also got to meet Bob Hope backstage at his Parents Weekend show in Fall 1984. My folks were named Miami’s “Parents of the Year” that year so we got access. Very cool!!


So Buffett really did play Millett? I was wondering.