Back In The Day...We Had Some Pretty Good Concerts

(Edit - Whoops! It was a Springboro pic!)


Hell yes we did. I saw Ray Charles and The Connells who played on Cook Field my freshman year.


Aziz Ansari > Bruce Springsteen

Zaid Abdul Aziz

We had Yes, Jethro Tull, Chuck Berry, John Denver and America. Quality went down after Riverfront Coliseum was built. The big acts went there instead, as Miami would not sell tickets off campus as I recall.


Simon and Garfunkel, Sergio Mendez and Brazil 66, Henry Mancini, Chicago…


Talking Heads, Yes, The Tubes, Foreigner, and Wang Chung

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Elton John, Yes, Talking Heads and more came from 1980- 1984.
the Kinks also played

Do they still have big acts come to Oxford?

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Bob Hope, Milton Berle and Red Skelton performed on Parent’s Weekend. Had a beer with Red at Ozzies.

Great guy.


John Mellencamp for Parent’s Weekend in '99.

Widespread Panic 4/18/01 was phenomenal.

Dylan 11/4/00 was unfortunately less so.

Mayer and Matthews (and $0.50) came in ‘03/04. I didn’t go to either but have now seen Mayer 8x with the Dead and he’s A+++.

Between football and national acts, was a good time to be at Miami.

REM, Sting, UB40, James Taylor, Del Feugos during my time

Dylan in 2000 is the worst concert I’ve ever been to.

Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies played the Oxford Armory in 1970. Admission was $5. It was promoted by flyers stapled to telephone poles. I missed it. Damn!

Good question. I have wondered that, too. I haven’t seen any evidence of headliner concerts for many years.

Granted I’m not hip to the music that the youngsters listen to these’a-days, but when I was at Miami back in the 90s, they had a pretty solid pipeline of headliners coming to Oxford. Obviously the pandemic f*cked things up for live events, but I haven’t heard of anyone big (or if the CAC Concert Board even exists anymore…).

woxy (BAM!) not being around may also be a contributing factor…

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James Gang, Three Dog Night, Uriah Heep, Gordon Lightfoot (Parents Weekend), Joni Mitchell (her jazz phase). Oh yeah, Carpenters.


Randy Moss

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The biggest person I’ve heard of coming here in the past few years is Yung Gravy. For some reason people love him. I think more country headliners would fit in here but most people that come now are a bit smaller country acts who play Brick St

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