At Western Illinois

3:00 PM today (11/27):

And there’s no television broadcast, even streaming. In fact, the game is not even on the radio. Seems odd, considering both Heidelberg and Defiance could at least be watched on ESPN +.

No Miami radio broadcast or WIU video stream.

You can listen to WIU radio broadcast here:


Great timing. Beat the Flashes by three o’clock and then beat the Leathernecks!

From Flashes to Leathernecks. What a bizarre day.

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And then spear the Sharks at 5 o’clock!

The WIU website has a link for watching the game. It’ll probably be a crappy amateur broadcast, but I do believe it will be available to watch.


According to the WIU game notes there is only a radio broadcast:

When you click the video link for today’s game on WIU’s site it goes to their Wednesday night game against Ball State.

It’s 2021. How is every D1 game not being streamed? It was in 2017 at their place when we beat them in 2OT.

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WIU website lists this URL as the place to watch the game:

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Most of their home games are streamed, but it does appear this game will not be streamed.

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Trailing 19-24 with about 5 minutes left in the first half. It looks like they took down the streaming link that was available this morning. Live play by play here:

WIU on a 9-0 run.

Down 36-28 at the half.

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Lairy trey at the buzzer gets it to single digits. Would really be nice to pull this one out and go into the UC game undefeated. Could use a win to avoid a completely disappointing Miami sports day.

As I emerge from the football nut kick…I can’t even watch this game? What fucking year is it? Do they not have streaming video in rural illinois yet?

I literally just thought to myself “Is this 1997? Why do I have to refresh ESPN’s play-by-play to get updates for this?”

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5-17 from 3 vs. 11-20 for WIU. Down 7 with about 11 to go.

Why experience one nut punch on a Saturday when you can experience two?

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They just can’t miss from 3. We’re about to fall from the ranks of the unbeaten. Oh well. Regroup and beat the Bearcats.

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