Akron at Miami today at 4...round 2 ESPN3

I am not going to run down the Zips personnel again. Coach Owens made a big adjustment on Friday night’s game, going with a lineup of 1 center and 4 guards. During the game we alternated Ayah and McNamara at center and 6 different guys at guard. 5 of them are small guards, 6-1 or smaller. Only Kamari Williams has any size, he is a skinny 6-6. By doing this Coach O did keep our best players on the floor. Ballhandling was really good, only 7 turnovers, but we had a hard time getting shots and Grant and Lairy had to go one on one just for us to get a shot off. Akron is the best defensive team in the MAC. Defensively, we had predictable problems stopping Akron’s two best scorers, who are the center and the power forward, and they were backing us down and shooting over us all day. We did not double down, probably because Akron has good 3 point shooters and their two bigs can pass out well, so part of their normal offense is the bigs passing out to the perimeter shooters for open threes. We will see how Coach O addresses this today. We desperately need a W.

Akron favored against Miami by 2 or 3 with a 136 1/2 O/U. My heart says Miami but my head says Akron to cover…along the lines of 68-61…

Teams have to know each other; after all Friday was only 2 days ago. Let’s see who holds up better against fatigue of schedule, travel, etc.


At 2 or 3 it might be the perfect time to drive over to College Corner.

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I will be at the movies with my wife, a much better use of our time.

To drink…or to bet? :sunglasses:

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I am pretty confident that Akron will cover the spread on this one. Miami is 0-7 ATS in the last 7 games and without Delonte Brown, I don’t see anything changing today.

Good Guys - 47
CrAkron - 65

Akron -4 by a million

Ayah earlier on is on a mission.

And a 4-0 lead turns into an 8-4 deficit after Ayah is taken out.

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Miami off to a great start and really aggressive on defense and leads 4-0 with 18 min to go. Jack decides it is the perfect time to bring in Eli who gives up a layup- misses the easiest put back and gets a shot rejected and it is 8-4 akron


Small , but spirited crowd.

Might be close at moment…but looks like D2 vs D1.

Ironically Avance’s trey form looks a lot better than his mid range form…his floater might be a better move than mid jumper.

Mekhi obviously not healthy…so is Ames hurt and thus redshirting or just because…sure could use a body even on D with height.

Without Mekhi healthy…Dae Dae less effective driving…when two driving threats looks better.

But you know JackO…keep chucking air balls.


Thank you Mehki for being you…his stop and pop at least heating up.

Oh well that turned quick after briefly taking lead.

Streaming post continues…this will likely not end well, but at least better play…with a limited cast of players.

Always check my favorite stat. Miami 2-10 from three. You keep being you.

Just came in from trying to get ice off porch and drive. See we are down 3 with lots of time left. Go us.

Turn out the lights, boys.

Getting ugly quick…our available roster does not even look in the same zip code.

Kamari does not shoot that well off bounce…Mehki about it.

Then there’s the Jacko O…not working as per usual.

Man I need to start dropping some money on these Miami lines…not sure if our paid student fans are having some fun…or partly enjoying mocking Miami

Put a fork in it. Sweet shot Dae Dae.

ML is the only guy who looks like he could play anywhere. He’s had some very odd box scores but I think that’s more a reflection of the program.

Put back on FT…what a joke.

Nice move with 6-2 guard on the block.

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Lairy’s scoring isn’t helping us win. He needs to be a pass first assist guy. I like to call that a “point guard”.

With better coaching he might be. I think he and Grant are the two players you could imagine most improving in a great system. Jury out on the young guys.