A look at our current women’s basketball roster

I’m I have no inside information, this is just what I have read up to this point.

Off last year’s roster, Ivy wolf signed with Dayton and Maddie Cluse and Amani Freeman signed with Clemson. Our 6-3 center recruit from Indianapolis signed with Butler. I would assume those girls have definitely moved on. Also 5’8 5th year guard Peyton Scott and 5-8 4th year guard Sydney Watkins are in the transfer portal but are unsigned yet and could still return. Also 5-11 guard recruit Madison French from Lakota East has decomitted and reopened her recruiting but is still unsigned so she might still be a possibility.

Here are the girls off our roster from last season that are still possibilities. 5-8 Guard Jordan Tuff would be a 5th year player. She has been on our roster for 3 years and but played only one year. She went through Senior Day ceremonies. Same with 5-9 seldom used guard Taylor Boruff whi is in the transfer portal.

Here are the girls that I actually think are still planning on playing for Miami: 6-1 5th year starting forward Sierra Morrow. 3rd year backup center Kathy Richason. 3rd year guard Clare Chambers, a former walkon who was given a scholarship around Christmas last year. 6-1 3rd year guard Jessica Dai who is from China and played little last year. 5-11 2nd year forward Riley Neal who played very little last year.

In addition we have two committed recruits in 6-1 forward Amber Tretter from Ferdinand, Indiana and 5-8 guard Madison Huhn from Carlsbad, California.

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If memory serves me correctly, Coach Box mentioned four players, two he’d already met with….I could have misunderstood.

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It seems Taylor Boruff is heading to Lynn University, but it is still an unconfirmed rumor.

Box said he had met personally with two players and thanked them for attending the press conference.

Does anyone know who those two were?

If Peyton Scott doesn’t come back this could be a 5 win team, regardless of how good or bad Box is.

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Box should have enough connections to grab some good players from the portal yet this year. With what we have rostered right now, we could not beat any D-1 teams. Getting Scott and keeping the 3 freshman recruits who have not yet signed somewhere else would be a start and then adding some transfer portal girls would be the goal.

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This flustercluck exists because Miami refused to pull the plug on Hendrix at least one year earlier (and maybe even two years earlier). Reading Dick’s comments, it was pretty obvious that H simply did not know how to coach. Her kids were not coached in the basic fundamentals of college BB because the coach did not possess the requisite ability to do that. Whoever was the women’s BB “Sports Administrator” should have enough basis knowledge of the sport to be able to see the shortcomings in the coach’s skills…and pass them along to David Sayler.

If this is true (And I believe it is)….How and why did she get hired? Was her incompetence not noticeable when she was previously coaching?

Eddie: That’s why at least one or more people on the hiring “committee” simply must be well-versed in the intricacies and nuances of the sport for which a coach is being hired. A person like Dick ought to have been a good source of knowledge for the evaluation process.


Considering this from per previous job: " Hendrix came to Oxford from High Point University, where she was the head coach for seven seasons. She ranks third among Panther women’s basketball coaches with 125 wins and amassed an 89-43 mark in the Big South. The 67.4 conference winning percentage is the best in program history."

I’d say she knew how to coach. If she strung together multiple winning seasons here we would not be having this discussion, but all of this is now in the past. It’s time to get over it, and move on

@richard If you had watched her coaching the last four years you would know she isn’t a good coach. Lack of preparation, horrible fundamentals, terrible team defense, excessive turnovers and no clue of clock management.

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She struggled as a coach, but did recruit well for the most part. Perhaps at High Point she simply was able to win with better talent than the rest of the SoCon.


In my estimation the only true D1 players she recruited were Ivy Wolf and Maddie Cluse. The rest are marginal. Good kids, great students but borderline Div 1 players. Some may consider this a brutal assessment but if you watched their play you would agree.

One of the main reasons we are where we are with women’s BB is that she was not terminated i or 2 years ago . We do not know if that was Saylor’s inability to act or that he had no money to buy her out .Same issue present now in hockey. Baseball may not be in as bad a condition as we earlier thought. AD oversight needed re FB to insure we have a better offensive product.

If Sayler is the fundraiser we’re led to believe he should’ve raised funds to buy her out. Same with John Cooper in MBB several years ago. Letting him coach a lame duck season was so embarrassing.

For you women’s basketball savants on Hawktalk, the wbbblog.com has the most comprehensive list of the 2023 transfer portal mayhem that we can see as fans. Looking through each D1 school listed, wow…in the majority of these cases is what an esteemed sports reporter’s conclusion true and I’m paraphrasing…“nowadays the end of the bench (and their happiness) is dictating the demands.” ? Totally understand the 5th year types using their Covid Year eligibility to get a graduate degree. Hope we can attract 5th year grad school types if the Miami staff is so inclined to offer them, as Miami has very respected Grad programs throughout the University. To see the latest specifically concerning Miami, still a few players have not listed new schools so…?


Sayler should of never should of hired her

You have one note, and you play it ceaselessly. I, and I’m sure the whole board, has heard it plenty.


Hendrix wasn’t the worst hire in the world based on her decent resume at High Point, certainly made more sense than a few of the lousy MAC hires throughout history (Mike Jinks comes to mind). The “crime” was not firing her after last season, and was only made worse by not firing her after this last season until the whole scandal broke.


One student shared that Sydney Watkins is moving to UMass Lowell, and Taylor Boruff is indeed moving to Lynn University. Apparently, both Sydney and Taylor posted the news on Instagram, but I am not an Instagram user to verify.

Am I the only one getting a bit nervous now? I hope for some good news soon.