#4 ( in Pairwise) St.Cloud vs RedHawks at Goggin this Fri/Sat,12/9-12/10 Hockey

Miami (#37,Pairwise) needs to steal some wins. From St.Cloud,(#4) and
Niagara (#28,Pairwise)in Oxford after St.Cloud for 2 games.

Correct me if I’m wrong,it looks like we’ll have Red Savage for both
series ( before Red reports to the US Junior National Tryout Camp ?)


If/when he makes the team after training camp, the tournament is dec 26-jan 5 so he would miss Niagara

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Somebody will need to step it up for Niagara weekend if that’s the case!

Niagara 27 in Pairwise Miami 38

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Well our one and only NCHC win did come without him ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Miami needs 3 more wins (5 so far)to exceed 2021’s total (7).The Home record vs St.Cloud is pretty decent.
Steal a win vs St.Cloud?

Not starting off well, giving up a power play goal less than a minute in.

Make it 2-0 less than three minutes in. :grimacing:

3-0 on a 4v4 goal not even halfway through the first.

Down 3-0 at the first ice cut



Must have been a serious ass chewing between periods. It 4-2 halfway through the 2nd.

I hope so. This team is awful.

Must have been big bites of ass - 4-3 now.

The Miami hat trick drought is over!!

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Must have been an ass chewing in the Huskies room between 2 and 3. It’s 6-3 St Cloud now.

“Just a pinch between the check and gum”!

Seriously, was Red Savage out all of the third period?
Anyone know what happened to him?

Miami will open up a 50 gallon drum of Whoopass Sat night!

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Same old story with hockey now for years. Cannot compete in conference games.

Actually a different story tonight thus far. Good guys up 3-0 after 2. All three scored at the end of the period during a 5 minute major game misconduct power play.


I tuned in just in time to see the power play…it was a thing of beauty.

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Seeing an ability to make some adjustments from game to game that we didn’t see last year. Positive.