2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Are Alec Martinez and Reilly Smith the only two Miami alums in the playoffs this season?


Think Blake Coleman still plays.

Yes, but Calgary didn’t make the playoffs.

Kuraly and Roslovic will be in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Hockey is pretty much consistently two degrees of separation. My kid - Brian - made the 92 DOB All Pacific District team and went to Rochester’s USA Hockey U14 Development camp with the Avalanche’s Matt Nieto. He played against Nieto the year Matt spent at Salisbury School. Emerson Etem, who played for the Ducks, was also on that Pacific District team. Rocco Grimaldi was a year behind them as a ‘93.

Brian played against the Hurricanes’ Shane Gostisbehere a couple of times when Shane was at South Kent and Brian was at Berkshire. And Brian’s old Berkshire teammate - Keith Veronesi, who played at Conn College, it the current Director of Scouting Operations for the Vegas Golden Knights. So we’ve got at least three connections to this year’s cup playoffs. Makes it fun!

Another Berkshire teammate was Kevin Rooney, who played for the Rangers in last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. Kevin played 17 games at Calgary this year but the Flames didn’t make the playoffs. Not bad for a complement of guys 11 years after prep school!

Of ultimate importance is that Rooney’s dad, Dave, owns The Baseball Bar, just outside Fenway Park. It’s a great place to water before, during and after Red Sox games.

Brings back lots of memories of how connected this great game is.

Big win on the road by the Panthers last night. That series might be closer than people think. Panthers won both games against the Bruins when they played in Sunrise.

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If CBJ gets Bedard, that could happen!

I’ve got two dogs in the hunt this year - the Kraken and the Hurricanes. So far so good for both.

As a Devils fan since 1984 not happy with their 1st game. My son is a Panthers fan.

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Reilly Smith with an Assist last night in Veags’s win over Winnipeg. Series now tied at 1.

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Martinez was on the ice when the Knights’ got the game winner in the second OT tonight. Helps more than just the basic plus minus boost. He’s highly visible in the on-ice victory hug celebration video. That video will have legs!


It’s seems like Martinez has always had a knack for being on the ice at crucial times! I think he scored a game winner versus Notre Dame in the CCHA tournament when he was here, and he has had some great goals with LA in the playoffs when he was with them.


How many Hall of Famers are in this Toronto Tampa series? Hedman, Stamkos, Perry, Kucherov, Vasilevsky. Matthews, Taveras, Giordano. Probably Nylander, Marner, Point maybe some more. Crazy amount of talent.

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2014 Stanley Cup Game Winning Goal

Watched the entire Vegas / Winnipeg game yesterday. First NHL game I’ve watched in its entirety in quite some time.

I found it interesting that the refs seemed to swallow their whistles for both sides during the First Overtime period. There appeared to be some rather blatant boarding and checks-from-behind that were not called that probably would have been called during regulation time. The penalty that was called on Winnipeg during the 2nd OT seemed a bit ticky-tack compared to what was not called in the First OT.

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They def swallow whistles in OT. I saw a cross check and and obvious hook by VGN that weren’t called.

Last night Minnesota was trailing 2-1 with 5 minutes to go and pushing hard for a tying goal. Then a Minnesota player took a cross check to the face from a Dallas player, but for unclear reasons the refs called the penalty on the Wild player who received the hit. Dallas scored on the ensuing power play. Minnesota got a goal back after pulling their goalie to make the final 3-2, so that call literally swung the result of the game.

People like to joke about NBA refs being corrupt and MLB umps being incompetent, but it always seems like the NHL has the lowest standard of officiating whenever I watch.

There was also the phantom interference call (Also on Foligno).

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And DEVILS tie it up at NYR!

Toronto can’t blow a 3-1 lead unless they first get up 3-1.