2024 Spring Practice

Spring practices were supposed to have started yesterday. Any news?

Schedule got reworked. We’re starting tomorrow and I assume that practice will get worked in sometime later


Again why no stories on the Miami web page- is spring practice a secret? The lack of info re off season Miami football is very disappointing- even a few off season posts and interviews would be great. We never did have an update re our portal transfers or our Feb high school signee- and yes I do read twitter/X and social media posts - that is the only place to get any type of FB info.

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I can’t speak for communications but I know a bunch changes at the beginning of spring ball. We push the spring game hard and that’s about it. Other practices are closed, but idk about the media portion. As for the transfer class, there’s still a spring portal so we probably just don’t want to jump the gun and introduce someone who’s not going to be around

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Just in the same vain of why not, I just ordered my season football tickets last week. I received an e mail thanking me. It also reminded me if I had ordered Miami v Miami tickets they would be sent out by the team in Florida. Really? Wow.

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First pics of yesterday’s spring session are up. One shows Kopp at QB. A video interview with CM shows Henry throwing a pass. No visual of mention of Brett. I suspect they might be planning on holding him out of spring ball even if he’s actually recovered. Interestingly, CM didn’t mention a single player in his interview with Bake.

Anybody have any insight on what’s going on.

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You actually expected to see Brett practicing? He is probably just now starting rehab. Watched the video, he is in the background in several shots in his jersey and shorts.


He posted himself walking on an anti gravity treadmill on December 1st and he posted himself running on one February 19th. He’s been out of the boot for a while too, he’s not wearing one in the pictures of him at his brothers playoff games.

But I wouldn’t put him out there either😂

Agree why risk injury?

This is simple. You don’t rush the rehab. You don’t risk injury to Gabbert. You get much needed snaps for the backups who may very well be called on to play this year.


No. I didn’t expect him to be recovered. Would have been surprised to see him get any action this spring. Even if he had recovered ahead of schedule like Gus did in 2019, I wouldn’t have expected them to risk anything in spring ball.

Even when he’s been healthy his spring snaps have been limited, more mental reps than anything else

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I want all the backup quarterbacks to get as many meaningful reps in practices and if we ever blow somebody out games as possible

The performance in the Cure Bowl reminded me of the second half of Ball State in Bretts freshman year. We need to do a better job of developing qb depth

Yes it was absolutely torrential rain for hours (I was there) but we had only 44 yards on 10 throws and they had 211 yards on 32 passes and they were going against the MACs best defense


Sorry just confused me when you said you didn’t see Brett, made it sound like you expected to see him getting reps

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Even when he has been healthy his spring snaps have been limited. They have had one practice, so you are saying he took snaps yesterday???

No, he’s saying this isn’t Brett’s first spring and in previous seasons, he’s taken limited reps.


No blood, no foul.

I know, I just like giving him a hard time, he deserves it​:joy::joy:

Just rinse and repeat. CM runs Spring the same way every year. Lots of changes with asst. coaches but just business as usual from what I’m told. Last year Brett was not involved much. AV got 75 % of live reps. Kopp got the other 25% . Hesson got zero. CM loves him some Kopp. I’m sure he will get more reps than Henry. I don’t think we will see Brett at all in live reps, scrimmage, Spring Game etc….