2024 NCAA HawkTalk Bracket Game

We’re back! Join up again!

Group Password: OUSucksSince1804


Bump! We’re getting a lot of the regulars on it. If you’re new to HawkTalk and want to play, there’s no money to play. But Eddie can come for your liver whenever he wants it

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I am in

For the umpteenth year in a row, JohnnyMac picks Purdue to win it.

Flyers come from 17 down in the second half to beat Nevada by 3!

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Only 1,825 perfect brackets left after DAY 1 - out of more than 22 million submitted!

Really curious to understand the 14 people who got each of the first 18 matchups correct while also having Stetson beating UConn.


I’m watching the games on a ”television”. I still can’t remember the four different “channels” the games are on, and they pick four similar channel numbers, which is very frustrating. I keep trying, but I end up watching the Africa Channel, and now I’m watching Superbad.

I’m in NC watching Centerville play St Ignatius on Spectrum feed 2224. Go Elks!

We have any updates on our results yet? Just want to ensure I’m not dead last.

Edit: I just found the link and our flag was still there! I’m not dead last!

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Just click on the link at the top of this thread & log-in if needed. You can see all the scores and open everyone’s bracket. The scoring is updated immediately after the end of each game.

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Honest question: how am I not in last place?


Because my bracket is, in the words of Sir Charles, “turrible”.

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You’ve never played against me. I have the greatest collection of wrong picks every damn year in the NCAA game. But I started it on the boards back in 2008 or so and here we are

It’s a lot of fun to see how we all do

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I saw a thing yesterday that while there were no perfect brackets on ESPN after the first weekend, there were three brackets with every single pick incorrect. Which is just as impressive if not more so, IMO.


Hold on now Professor. Hope you’re not totally wrong because it looks like we’re the only two people to pick Houston to win it all.

From a game theory perspective, I think it might be just as tough. Dr. Jive could confirm this.

In our NHL playoffs bracket a couple years ago, a hockey mom I know somehow picked all 8 first round losers.


I’m leading my work and family brackets that I selected at 1 AM last Tuesday at a Vegas conference show from Ludacris. Now I know what the secret sauce is.