2024 Football Season - The quest for the CFP

UMass announces its 2024 schedule today. They play 5 MAC teams snd 3 SEC teams - including Mizzou in Amherst.

What is this?

Just a pay to attend camp. Mega camps bring in more players because more schools are there to evaluate.

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Lots of levels, and lots of high-end academic schools, too.

Weren’t they going to run one of these and got canceled because of covid?

I see App State opened their official spring football practices yesterday. Anyone know when Miami’s split spring camp opens?


Redhawks 16 - where did you find this ?

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The Miami football twitter account posted it about a month ago or so

They kind of stretch it out don’t they? What do you think they’re doing during their “off” days between practices? Once upon a time they used to run them every day consecutively and got it over with without taking two months to do it.

I believe they have meetings and lifting on non practice days. I don’t know any program that does consecutive practice days anymore, so maybe it’s an NCAA thing.

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Very limited by NCAA. Very little live hitting.

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As obsolete as two a days in mid-August.

Initial SP+ rankings are out: College football's preseason SP+ rankings and takeaways - ESPN

Miami is the top team in the MAC at 53rd nationally. Next best MAC team is Toledo at 83rd, and it predicts we’d be a touchdown favorite on a neutral field.


Toledo lost a lot, but they also picked up some solid guys, right?

6th highest G5 team (behind Memphis, Liberty, App State, Boise, and Louisiana), and only six spots behind 3rd. Higher than Northwestern, UC, and UMass, plus the rest of the MAC of course (ND at 9).

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Where is JMU?

57th, I think they lost some of their key contributors to transfers after losing their coach to IU.


10 starters followed Cignetti to IU

Harrisonburg, Virginia