2024 Football Season - The quest for the CFP

You know it’s detailed when it has the most accurate info about Rashad’s latest commitment.


Does anyone know why the Future Schedules link was removed from the Additional Links menu on the Football page?

NASCACDAD: I’ll offer 4 reasons:

2026—Holy Cross
2028—Norfolk State

All coming to Oxford…

I don’t think that’s the reason. Most everyone plays a winnable FCS home game - even Alabama. Many have started playing an HBCU as that FCS team. We’ve been playing one FCS a year most seasons during the past ten years. Delaware State and Norfolk State are both HBCU. We had Arkansas-Pine Bluff but lost it in 2020 due to COVID.


The Fall Roster is up. Looks like a lot of walk-ons are included. 32 true Freshmen are listed, some without any bio info. We have 18 guys on the roster who started their football careers elsewhere.

Anyone see any surprises?

Typically wasn’t kept up to date. The contracts page is a better source of truth IMO


But I always thought if it wasn’t updated on the website the game didn’t exist :joy:


Good resource! The only game that was never added to the Future Schedules site was Notre Dame this year. Oddly, as soon as they finally announced we were playing them, they dumped the entire Future Schedules page.

Notre Dame game is at 3:30 and on NBC. #ratings


A lot better than the Peacock arrangement from 2017, which Louisville has the week after our game.

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Per Instagram, Phil Steele has named Bevelheimer as 1st Team All American and Salopek as 3rd. I’ve ordered my copy so will report on other findings accordingly.

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Obviously Steele is the more reliable one but in terms of college football magazine season, I am looking forward to see if finally — FINALLY — Athlon picks us to win the MAC. I’ve been getting Athlon since 1999 and they have never picked us to win the conference. Granted, there was a long stretch (Treadwell) in which we had no business being picked as the conference champ but considering only NIU has more MAC titles during this time period, you’d think we’d get the preseason nod at least once.


Ohio U has not won the conference in 55 years and counting.


Certainly an important stat to bring up regularly, something we want everyone to be aware of.



I picked up the Lindy’s Sports magazine. Miami is ranked 73rd nationally and picked to win the MAC (this magazine is still using a picture of Brett from the bowl game against North Texas lol).

The overview includes “Don’t be surprised if Miami enters its Week 3 showdown at Notre Dame owning victories over Northwestern and Cincinnati.” Northwestern and Notre Dame are the only teams on the schedule with better rankings.

Gabbert is picked as MAC MVP, but not OPOTY. Salopek is the magazine’s pick for DPOTY.


If the 'Hawks have the kind of season we are all hopeful for, then it will be Gabbert and Salopek who lead the way. Lots of other contributors to be sure, but those two are the leaders.


Do we have any idea of how Brett’s rehab is progressing? Hopefully he can get a few meaningful reps in at fall camp.


Only G5 team on the list!


Pretty impressive to go with a Phil Steele preseason third team All American LB and the First team All American Punter.