2023 Season

Starts this Friday 2/10/23 at the Charlotte Invitational in UNC-Charlotte:

2/10 games: vs. University of South Carolina at 12:30 PM and UNC-Charlotte at 3:00 PM

2/11 games: vs. East Tennessee State at 10:00 AM and Campbell University at 3:00 PM

2/12 game: vs. Campbell University at 10:00 AM

The game against UNC-Charlotte is on ESPN+

Came away 2-2 with wins against ETSU and CAmpbell on Saturday and losses to South Carolina and Charlotte on Friday.

Game against Campbell on Sunday was cancelled due to weather.

Next weekend off and then on to the Murray State Tournament with games against Bellarmine, Murray State, and Loyola-Chicago.


How are we looking for this season? I know Vierstra is gone (now and assistant coach at Miami), though looking at the roster, it seems like a lot of our offense remains intact.

Edit: Just found the preseason MAC poll, and like like we’re pretty heavily favored to repeat.

Spaid is ranked as one of the top players in the country. I think Cummins was also rated pretty high for her position

Nice! I’ve really enjoyed following this team the last couple of seasons. Looking forward to another exciting run!

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Added a home game scheduled for today (Wednesday 2/15/23) vs. Purdue-Fort Wayne:

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It’s Wednesday, I wish it was Thursday :slight_smile:


Corrected! :grin:


Any program at MU that is in the dumps need only look at how softball and field hockey have rebuilt. When the product improves, good teams will want to play you. Congrats to this team.

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Agreed. They built it and programs are coming.

And @Eddie should be happy about Jack’s work at the Miami Student. He’s done a great job as the sports editor! He’s worth a twitter follow too. Lots of great info.


Here’s a strange but true thing: the sports that are good today are the exact opposite of when I was at Miami.

Softball was bad. Now great.
Lacrosse was bad. Now great.
Cross country was bad. Now great.
Men’s swimming wasn’t good but now wins the MAC most years.

Yet basketball, hockey, golf, women’s swimming, and volleyball were all great yet now suffering.

Football was .500 so was baseball.
And women’s tennis still usually wins the MAC.

Odd how things can flip.

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This is really a great get for the softball program and also the university. Just to prove that people can complain about anything, I wish it wasn’t a morning game. I would drive down to see it. Go us.


So it seems this is a tournament round robin thing with Oklahoma playing two games on Saturday and probably two on Sunday (maybe one). Louisville and Oakland. Now I am interested. Could come down on Saturday and watch a few games, stay in one of Oxford’s finest hotels and see us play on Sunday. Tickets may be a problem. I’ll have to investigate.


What a home opener!


Miami was great at about every sport in my days at Miami. Top 20 rankings in football and hoops, excellent baseball and tennis teams, etc. IIRC our men’s and women’s swimming programs were strong as well.

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Back in the day, pre title 9, we were good to very good at everything. I was spoiled. Ah, those were the times. To think I lived—-


“Back in my day…” In men’s basketball, we upset the defending national champions in the NCAA Tournament opener and reached the Sweet 16!

Yes…It was a 32-team tournament, but it was exciting!

Back to softball.

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Until 1980, the softball team played BOTH fast-pitch and slow-pitch! In the last year of both, we finished 24-8, and I believe second in the state.

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