2023 Miami Recruiting Class Announced

And here is the entire class, not including any portal kids that may sign.


One kid from Ohio. Times change.

We only signed 16. We know of 2 who are coming via the portal. That is 18. Given the number of Miami kids that jumped in the portal, we should still have several openings to fill.


Sorry, didn’t see the previous post, Redsea.

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Love the DE from Barberton. Love the size of two of the WRs (Weaver and Sims), as well as the size of the RB Jackson at 220 lbs.


Hoops Coach is working the backyard recruits.

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Notice the number of team Captains?

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Again Steele sucks


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It seems that the lack of Ohio commits is more a function of interest of the recruits than of coaching staff interest. I believe that the staff has generally followed a philosophy of offering Ohio kids first and then gradually expanding offers to further away later. If Ohio kids do not want to commit early then the staff has no option but look for others further away to fill the class.

Of course, the first commit of this class (Gorman) was an Ohio kid who waited until the last few day to decommit and ends up at OU.

It is not easy being a D1 football coach.


my quick thoughts after watching the senior tape:

McKinney - LB - really excited for this one. Great recognition in the run game and when he sees the direction of the play he attacks. Will need a little seasoning in coverage but overall very surprised that Miami was able to get him.

Rosy Andrews - Edge - super excited for him as well. Super athletic and really strong for a HS player. Probably will fight for playing time day one.

Yharbrough - Boundary Safety / Nickel - my favorite of the class. Exceptional ball skills (could play WR) and great play recognition. Fantastic size for a DB.

Rainey - Boundary Corner - Really good eyes and football IQ. Would like a little more fluidity in the hips but another great get.

Sims - WR - man does he catch a lot of balls. Can contort his body to where the ball is and has a huge catch radius. Just throw it up to him.

Decker - IOL - interested to see how he handles pass pro as he was in a run heavy O. Really good at finishing blocks

Hartig - IOL or T - really good athleticism for his size. Does a great job pulling. Pretty good footwork for a HS kid.

McCain - LB - another LB that I am really high on. Hits the **** out of people. Really good speed out of the LB spot. Hopefully will be in on a lot of third down blitz packages like Ivan as a freshman.

Jackson - RB - only a couple of games on his senior year tape. More of a bruiser (225lb) than a speed guy. Third and short back that will fight for extra yard.

Lynel - WR - top end speed for sure. Has some shake and bake to his game. Slot receiver that we can use in the screen game.

Q Williams - RB - really really fast. Just blows by people. Reminds a little of Kevin Davis on tape.

Mercer - DB - not great size but could play center field for the Hawks. Great vision to see where play is developing and good ball skills.

Lowry - T - huge kid but is going to need some time on technique / build up good weight. Unfortunate comp but reminds me a little bit of O’Hair from last year

Strader - CB - couldn’t decide which corner spot to put him in. Have speed to stick at field corner? Size and strength to stick in the boundary? Makes a lot of plays

McDowell - Edge - Really good speed around the edge. Relies on that or a bull rush to get around / through blockers. Add a couple of tools to that rush and you have a really good player

Smith - T - looks the part for sure. Moves really really well for his size (6’5 315) and is already very strong. Think we might see him early in his career.


Barberton–Home town of one Miami grad named Glenn “Bo” Schembechler.

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Looking at past recruits, it’s apparent the staff puts emphasis on captains/leaders. Every year many, if not a majority, of our signees were team captains. Some for multiple years. I think it’s smart.


Looks like Ohio U signed five Ohio kids, BG signed five and Ball State signed four. It looks like Cincy also signed four.

Love linemen who wrestled (Andrews).


Dam Right!


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no QB?

I saw a PWO from Toledo St Johns which my sons team beat in the playoffs 56-35.

I like taking a QB with every class but maybe this is a good sign that the coaches feel good about the depth with Smith, Hesson and Humphries.

It does seem like the staff’s recruiting value on

  1. OL
  2. WR
  3. Safety
  4. DL
  5. LB
  6. CB
  7. TE
  8. QB
  9. RB

Chuck said in his media interview that they would definitely be signing a QB. They were looking at a few guys. A couple they were interested in got Power 5 offers and were off the table. I take from that we might see either a freshman or someone from the portal.

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