2023 Cure Bowl

Belligerents: Miami vs Appalachian State

Time: December 16, 3:30 PM EST

Location: FBC Mortgage Stadium Orlando, Florida

Television: ABC

Official Website: https://www.curebowl.com/

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The bowl’s web site has been crashing the past hour.

We’re so popular that we cause the internet to crash.

Not gonna lie, kinda cool to have an ABC game.


Is it the first bowl game?

Orlando is a good location and it’ll be cool to play on ABC. App St is a great program, but it’s still kinda disappointing to be an 11-2 conference champ and only get an 8-5 Sun Belt team that didn’t even win its division. The quick turnaround limits how much bowl practice we’ll get. The game overlaps with the New Orleans and New Mexico bowls, which may cut into viewership a bit.


I was starting to warm up to the idea of us playing in Arizona, but that was partly because I thought we’d get an excellent opponent there, hopefully league champ Boise State. Knowing that our match up would have been Wyoming makes that bowl less appealing to me. I think Miami gets more kudos for beating Appy State.

Also like the Saturday game televised by ABC, and it’s in a fun and warm location for the players, coaches, and parents. Like many here, I was hoping to get matched up with a G5 league champion, but we are still facing a very good opponent, and it’d be a very satisfying win if we can achieve it


First day of bowl games, not the first game (there are ones earlier in the day)

They did win their division. Yes, technically JMU would have won if eligible but App St did win the head to head so not like a vast difference in quality, just in record.

The Cure Bowl is a better bowl than both of those though, hence being on ABC rather than ESPN.

Overall, I think this is a solid bowl. Decent opponent, location, time and TV. Downsides are App St’s record and it being so soon, but I don’t think those outweigh the positives.


Maybe we can start a thread called “what apps will I make for the App State game.” Me? I’m thinking nachos.

App State beat Marshall, 31-9.

I have nothing but respect for them just for that performance. Well done.


It is 4 days before signing day so recruits can see us kick ass!! And then sign on the dotted line!

Definitely a busy time for the coaches. But the upside is they’ll be done in time for Christmas


One of the best things about a bowl in Orlando is the flight price: CVG ↔ MCO for $98.

Ticket purchased :heavy_check_mark: :flight_departure: :flight_arrival:

Hope to meet some of you there.


Yesterday’s loss in the Belt ship wasn’t the lopsided drubbing it appeared to be. App only trailed 21-17 going into the fourth quarter. Their QB can sling it.

I see little downside to this matchup. Perhaps the single most desirable site possible. Warm weather, beaches, game on ABC, Disney World close, other Florida attractions aplenty… We are playing the team which lost the SunBelt championship game and also gave James Madison it’s only loss. They lost in OT to North Carolina. For a G5 program, they have a good reputation. The only downside is that we could lose this game if we don’t put just as much into this as we did the MACC. I really hope this bowl site and matchup would encourage anyone who plans on going into the portal to wait a couple of weeks until the Bowl game is over. Be glad we are not playing Troy, they are better but not very well known as a big power. App State is a known G5 power.


Another consideration that makes this bowl attractive for us is the number of star players we have on our roster from the southeast - Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and North Carolina. It will be much easier for their parents, family and friends to get to the game than to Detroit, Boise, Tucson, and others.

That said, I wouldn’t mind getting to do what Coastal is doing next season.

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I agree, Dick.

Great location and a formidable and respected opponent. I was also hoping for a match up w a G5 conference champ, but Appy State is a known G5 entity and a win over them would be impressive.

I also agree that there are some G5 teams like Troy that would difficult for us to beat, and it appears that an appearance in the Barstool would have set us up with Wyoming, a good team, but not an opponent that would afford us a more impressive win than besting Appy.

A win over Appy just might get us into the top 25 final poll.


Yahoo sports ranked all the bowl match ups from worst to best. A number of MAC bowls were towards the bottom but our game was #16 and UT vs. Wyoming was #11.

Definitely an advantage of the early bowls. Players that live 5 hours or more haven’t been home since the summer.


When asked about swag bags he’d received at Coastal yesterday on ESPN, Liberty coach Jamey Chadwell mentioned the Cure Bowl’s package as the best of the four bowls he’d participated in.

From comments on Miami’s Football Facebook page it sure looks like lots of Miami alumni haven’t been paying much attention to how the bowl system works the past - oh let’s say 30 years.

Some seem to think we were screwed “by the suits” because we weren’t placed in some kind of mini-old -fashioned conference-champ-to-conference-champ Rose Bowl.

Some are dissing App State as an obscure school that sounds like Appleby’s. Some thought we’d automatically be placed in a bowl where we’d play a mid-level Power 5 team with a winning record.

I wonder how many even regularly pay attention to Miami football, let alone the college football arena. I bet a ot of them are the empty seats at Yager.

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