2023 Coaching Carousel

Everything is bigger in Texas!

Including the buyouts! 75 $$$million$$$ to kick him out when he has a winning, but not winning enough, record.

Talk about boosters with bucks!!!


Jimbo to WVU or Marshall? Roots?

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Jumbo to Miss State. As Braniff said so many years ago: “Believe it!”
Ps, I call him Jumbo now because his wallet is.

Strong rumblings that Chip Kelly is out at UCLA regardless of the USC game.

Coaches are going to get fired continuously in the “new” SEC and BIG10. Expectations are win big and they all cannot win big.


Chip is exactly 500 (both overall and in conference) in year 5, and he’s famously averse to even attempting to recruit, preferring to have assistants handle all of it. He’s also got the ever-feared “lost the players” whispers that drove him out of two NFL jobs. It’s a matter of time at this point, and with the move to the new B1G, it’s probably better to just cut bait now.

More and more of these large buyouts are semi-inevitable because not everyone can win at the level of expectation that admin and fan bases have for coaches making Jimbo-like money. There are about 15 schools paying that much for their coach each season, not all of them can win their conference and/or make the CFP with regularity (which imo is what a school thinks it’s getting when it spends that much). Maybe with an expanded playoff making the playoffs will itself be seen as enough of an achievement to keep things stable, but I doubt it. Plenty of basketball coaches have been fired from major programs for never making it past the Round of 32.

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I think Jimbo won big…a nice buyout to go fishin’, huntin’ and whatever else floats his boat. Who needs coaching when you bank $75 Mil for a few years of overpaid work on a college campus?


Forgot to turn off location on his tweets.


You’re a doggone detective! Well done.

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Leaving a trail! The pundits have been saying these firings probably wouldn’t have happened when they did if the schools didn’t already have the replacements lined up.

Chuck not going to Northwestern. David Braun just hired.

Dream job gone

Just imagine this, Colorado loses Dion to someplace and the Buffs, tired of all the hype take a 180 and hire Chuck. Ok, my alcohol intake is high.


Not gonna happen, but I what I would give to play CU in a bowl this year. That would be some battle of the opposites.

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Last time CU hired someone named Chuck it didn’t work out so well.

Pete Thamel say Dino Babers will be fired today.

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Here’s the article


Jason Candle’s name already getting tossed around for the Syracuse job. Can’t imagine it’ll be the last. I’ll be a little surprised if he’s back at Toledo next season


And Sean Lewis as well. I’d be surprised if they took Lewis over Candle because Lewis was a Flash Fast proponent of Dino’s Falcon Fast style. He was with Babers at both BG and Syracuse.

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