2023 Cincinnati Reds thread

Mowch, I agree with you. 6-4 might do it, but I would sure feel a whole lot better with 7-3-I think that would be more probable. The good news is that now two playoff spots are up for grabs rather than just one, so it’s basically 5 teams competing for 2 spots.

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Right on Chris. This morning I read that 85 wins gives them 65% chance of playoffs, but 86 gets them to 90%.

I’m guessing 1 or 2 of the 5 teams play .700 baseball over the final 10-12 games.

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Twins crushing Reds tonight 6-zip so far…not looking too good.

This was exactly what I was referring to when I said the Reds didn’t have enough starting pitching to go on a winning streak.

That said, win 3 of the next 4 or the season is effectively over.

Reds lose 7-zip while Cubs, Marlins, and Diamondbacks all win. Bad night.

The team that killed the Reds all season could be their biggest ally down the stretch. The Brewers have 3 games against Miami and Chicago that could really help the Reds playoff chances.

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Game back for 3rd WC spot. Still hope

What do you all think it is going to take to get in? At this point, I think 7-2 is going to be needed.

With the off days they will put their best pitching effort in

Greene goes three times. Abbott, Phillips and Williamson twice.


I went today. Losing that game late means we really need a sweep this weekend to still have a chance next week.


Dick, that was a gut punch yesterday. I agree-we really need to sweep the Bucs. I think we need to go 7-1, maybe 6-2 at the worst, in the remaining games.

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Cubs lose last night to give Reds slightly better chance but little room for error now.

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The Pirates did a great job at Wrigley, now we need to reverse that trend and pound them
.Because of Pittsburgh, we are still within half a game of the final spot.

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Horrible loss.

This team has just grown more and more undisciplined at the plate every time I watch them.

Need a new approach next year

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They seem to be “toast” after tonight.

I’ll be at the game on Sunday

Reds blow 9-0 lead vs Pirates… it’s pretty much over now…


You can say that again! :weary:

Hard to pull out any glimmer of hope after last night.

Despite the end it’s been a season to remember with tons of positives. Team is loaded with talent and as they work through learning to be major leaguers should be in the playoff mix for the foreseeable future.