2022-23 MBB Coaching Carousel

One day into the season, and already two casualties.

Manhattan fired Steve Masiello about two weeks before the season started. He was in the last year of a contract Manhattan had yet to extend, and he was reportedly on the outs with the AD.

Hartford coach John Gallagher resigned yesterday, on the eve of the team’s first game. He claims it was because Hartford refused to send a trainer with the team to a scrimmage at Dartmouth, and a player was injured and didn’t receive proper care. Hartford disputes this and says it’s because Gallagher is mad about the school’s upcoming drop to D3 and is trying to create leverage for his existing fraud lawsuit against the school’s board of regents.

Chris Beard, who’s been suspended for a few weeks, was fired by Texas today. He has been charged with felony domestic violence for choking his fiancee.

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Hopefully his fiancee has fired him too.



Jim Boeheim out at Syracuse with nary a congratulatory press release that I saw

Patrick Ewing out at Georgetown, lasting a day longer than Boeheim

Chris Beard is apparently the top candidate for the open Ole Miss job, because who cares if you choke your fiancée?


Surprised Ewing couldn’t keep afloat at G’Town

Mike Anderson out at St. John’s. Rick Pitino going there?

Brian Gregory out at South Florida. Maybe Tom Crean a lot of money to try and entice him? Every game would at least be entertaining, either a 92-90 win or loss.

Just today…

Jim Whitesell out at Buffalo.

Unfortunately, Buffalo realized what I thought was happening. Buffalo was falling as we started to rise. Whitesell wasn’t getting the players that could just out-athletic everyone and not have to worry about any kind of strategy.

Reports are WKU is parting ways with Rick Stansbury. 139-89. Out.


Charlie had a four point win over him at Miss State as I recall. He actually did a decent job at WKU. 4 title game appearances in 4 years…sounds like he got “Rickrolled”.

(Too easy. Or greatness?)


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I think Texas will hire the interm as their new coach did ball state fire there coach

Why would Ball State fire their coach in his first season? And after one of their best finishes in a long time.

Lots of openings. Shouldn’t Rob Senderoff be getting some mentions? Is he locked in at Kent?

Since you asked….

Signed 5 year extension in 2021.

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Isaac Brown out at Wichita St. Talk about a program that’s fallen off the radar. However, they’ll benefit from the American schools that are going to the Big 12, giving them a chance to reemerge.

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I would have to think a name that will get serious consideration from mid majors, and perhaps power 5 conferences is Steve Lutz, Texas A & M Corpus Christi. He just won his second Southland Conference title in a row, winning both regular season and the tournament. From the Matt Painter coaching tree. If I were looking for a coach, especially a Midwest school like BG for instance, I would look long and hard at Lutz.


Former LSU HC Will Wade announced as new HC at McNeese State.

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I don’t know if anyone is suggesting this, but Rick Pitino to St. John’s would make a lot of sense to me. And I am not a Pitino fan.

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Has been mentioned as a “done deal” in several NY centric pubs.