2021-22 Schedule

I just noticed that our opener against Georgia Tech is at the exact same time as the football game against Buffalo. Seems like less than ideal scheduling.

Not many opportunities to get the benefit of a tip off tourney (extra games) and find one where you can be one of the hosts (extra money and free home games) where there won’t be a conflict somewhere. Games will overlap and it’s even harder with midweek football games.

That said, there might be a few of us in Atlanta if anyone else is planning on attending.

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I saw that today as well when adding games to my schedule.
I was a bit bummed about that. I’ll just record.



Wasn’t sure where else to discuss the overall season, so I’m doing it here. Miami currently 64th in the RealTimeRPI power rankings (which isn’t actually an RPI ranking). This doesn’t count the Stetson win and we actually won by more than what they projected. RealTimeRPI has us a spot behind OU as the second best team in the MAC with a decent gap for the third place team.


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TeamRankings puts us at #122 and gives us a 41.7% chance to win at home against UC. TeamRankings has a pretty significant gap in the MAC between 1-3 and us at #4.

I said before the season we’d win one of GT/UC/Clemson. Let’s get greedy and win two.

Kenpom has us at 110. BPI has us 140. Interestingly, BPI gives us a 66.4% chance of beating Cincinnati, but only a 51.2% chance of beating WIU, so it’s probably just funky at this point in the season.

If we’re going through all of the rankings, barttorvik has us at 103 and 3rd in the MAC:

I’m a big KenPom user, so that’s usually where I default.

His rankings have Miami currently sitting at 110th, which is third in the MAC behind Buffalo (83rd) and Ohio (96th), and ahead of Akron (120th), Toledo (132nd) and Kent (143rd). Oh, and UC is currently ranked 105th which would lend itself to either a slight Miami favorite or a toss-up for the 12/1 game (I suspect UC will be about a 4 to 5 pt favorite–Vegas doesn’t seem to ‘trust’ us just yet).

Some takeaways:

-KenPom’s rankings are still heavily influenced by his pre-season rankings. It’ll be interesting where things stand as conference play begins around the first of the year.

-Miami’s current ranking of 110th is its best since they ended the 2008-09 season ranked 91st. It’s no hyperbole to say this is the best Miami team in more than a decade. I hope folks embrace and get out and support this team. Let’s change the narrative on Miami men’s basketball!

-Miami’s composite rank includes an Adjusted Offensive rank of 62nd and an Adjusted Defensive rank of 179th. Lots of room to improve on the defensive end but my eyes see nice improvements in rotations, rebounding, and positioning. I think it’s about being more consistent possession to possession. How we guard really good bigs will be interesting too–our lack of shot-blocker/rim protector is the biggest missing piece. Beck coming back will help.

-There are 20 MAC games this year (no divisions). Miami plays everybody home and away except Ball St (just away) and Kent (just home). 5-4 vs traditional MAC East teams would be nothing to sneeze at, and means Miami needs to make hay vs the MAC West schools. 12-8 is what I see as a reasonable baseline in conference. Hopefully a game or two better.


The way our OOC is shaping up, if we go 12-8 in the MAC, we could/should be sitting at 20 wins heading into the conference tourney.

What happened with regard to Wright State? Could both schools not agree on a date for scheduling the game or other reasons?

Maybe home game factors in heavily?

Pack the house and BEAT UC! (Time for some payback.)

What kind of attendance are we looking at for UC? I don’t think we’ve broken 5000 since I became a fan in 2012, but you’d have to think we have some chance at that between our strong start (assuming we take care of business this week) and visiting UC fans boosting numbers. I’ve seen a few emails and Instagram posts hyping up the game, but being six hours from campus it’s not like I’m in the target area for other marketing efforts.

I’d bet the over on 5000

Does anyone know what the actual capacity is? According to the Miami website, “The 9,200-seat arena, which has been downsized for basketball in recent years to 6,400”. Does anyone what those numbers are referring to?

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Upper bowl is tarped off. They can open it back up if needed.

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Are they reopening the upper bowl for that game?

They’d have to for attendance to surpass 5000. Back before the black curtain of death, capacity was 9200 (and was exceeded several times…you had people sitting in the aisles). Guessing the reduction to 6400 accounts for 2800 or so seats blocked by the curtain.

They are selling upper level (assigned) seats for the UC game. Plenty available.

The ticket office called me on Tuesday, and I asked about that dreadful black curtain, and the ticket representative said that we’re taking it down for the game, so hopefully that’s a positive indicator for attendance. It would be amazing if they could sell out the place, like I see some of the higher attendance records listed online. I remember my sophomore year when we got Michigan to play at Millet, we had upwards of 6,000 in attendance. To see Millet with 9,000 fans would really be cool.