2021-22 Basketball Coaching Carousel

Mark Turgeon OUT at Maryland, a decision that Jeff Goodman says wasn’t a firing and was “far more his decision to part ways now.”

Clayton Bates out at WMU

Western Michigan men’s basketball coach Clayton Bates out (detroitnews.com)

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It’s sounds like they were hatin’ Clayton.
(See how effortlessly I did that? #magic)

Who could have imagined that it wouldn’t work to hire the assistant of the guy you just fired?


Florida Gulf Coast fires Michael Fly. The AD called it a “gut wrenching” decision. We went to their game against North Alabama a couple weeks ago (FGCU won easily.). They had three excellent players, many transfers, and a decent record, but I guess not enough. They lost to Bellarmine in the conference tournament.

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San Diego State fires Sam Scholl after 50-67 record in four seasons. 21-15 in first year but dropped off. Was a SDSU alum.

Tom Crean out at Georgia. He’d be hilarious as Jack’s replacement. He’d probably talk to John’s statue.

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His hire to UGA never made sense

University of San Diego. Not SDSU

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I remember UGA was close to hiring Thad Matta before hiring Crean.

Bellarmine just won the championship. Nice game.

BUMP…Bellarmine, 1.5 year DI transition…with three local kids…20 wins, should be headed to Tourney…

Congrats, Bellarmine!

Moved the Bellarmine question to different thread.

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Yep, I really think the NCAA should waive that and let them dance.

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So does the A-Sun have a representative? Does the runner-up get to go?

Jacksonville State (regular season champ) gets the bid.

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Bruce Weber resigned at Kansas State.

I guess Jermaine will soon be “in the market.” Wonder where he might end up…Hmmmmmmmmm

I have a suggestion…but I’ve already expressed it…so why “double up?”

I have much respect for them as coaches but having them as a packaged deal is not great logic. Reason is, it’s highly likely one or the other program struggles. Then one gets on the hot seat or fired. Now what?


In Oxford, when one “retires” (or is canned), their child will have at least one stay-at-home parent…not a bad outcome while the working parent can easily support the family…lots of lesser paid Miami coaches do that.

I still think it’s an idea worth trying…and they would each have at least a three year deal…and, knowing Miami, they’d probable be given 4-5 year deals…and could bank some cash for a possible career change by one of them.