You See...They Did Join The Big 12

With all the shuffling (even beyond the Big 12) discussed in the article, I wonder if anyone from the MAC will jump. Buffalo has always seemed most likely to leave but, after that, if it were to occur, will Toledo or Northern Illinois roll the dice? Any thoughts.

I am always confused as to why Buffalo would be a good draw to another conference. They have had a couple of good years in football and basketball lately but they are by no means dominating the MAC, they don’t draw any crowds and they don’t even have a baseball team. The Buffalo market is not that big. Why would another conference want Buffalo?

UC also has a top 5 recruiting class in the country right now…pretty crazy. I do believe our games against them are numbered

They would be in the top 1/3 of market size in Conference USA. Bottom 1/3 of American but not the smallest.

Didnt all the conferences already make their domino moves following the Oklahoma/Texas move?

I thought Big 12-AAC- CUSA and Sun Belt all made their moves already