Miami 63 OU 60…Katie Davidson played her best game as a RedHawk and came up really big late in the game. Edyn Battle also played a great game and Peyton Scott was a spirited leader who was doubled all night long. This is our first win over Ohio since coach Hendrix has been here. OU is a very veteran team and they may have been a little overconfident coming into the game.

Sydney Watkins, who has been here for a year and a half, played for the first time and added to our defensive effort, as did Foster-Walker, who has been out with an injury for about 4 weeks. This also gave us more depth and a better rotation.

Coach Hendrix also got us 3 baskets off of out of bounds plays, including one with 6 seconds left and a one point lead.


Noticed the score just a few minutes ago. Nice win!

Yea us.

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Outstanding effort and result.