Yahsyn McKee Declares For NFL Draft

Good Luck!

"Yahsyn McKee had the last-minute blocked FG against Cincinnati this year to send the game to overtime. Then he intercepted UC’s Emory Jones in the end zone in OT to seal the victory for the RedHawks.

In poetic fashion, McKee also had the game-sealing interception in the MAC…"

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Does he have another year of eligibility?

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Pretty sure he doesn’t. Looks like he played 3 years at Mercer (one was 2020 and didn’t count) and 2 at Miami.

That’s what I thought- why then would he have to declare for the draft? Doers anyone on this site have an accurate list of players on our roster at the end of the season that do not have anymore eligibility?

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Hope he gets drafted .


You can calculate that from the Miami roster page by sorting by class. Ertl and Bolden are done. So are a few of the transfers…Friz, Wilkins, Dowell and Marshall.

I think that’s all except for the three guys currently in the portal.

The roster page said Ben Jackson had eligibility left but he announced his career was over

I dont think we will know until March who stayed and who didn’t


I hadn’t heard about Ben. Too bad.






NESCACDAD- yes I agree - I came to the same conclusion after going through the roster page - I still do understand McKee’s post that he is declaring for the NFL draft - I thought he had used all of his eligibility…

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Maybe you have to actually file some paperwork.

Ben Jackson protein load during the first lightning delay at UMass.

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You do have to file paperwork to register with the NFL for the draft.

Posting it on social media (especially as a player with no eligibilty remaining) is just personal marketing, much like announcing when you have received an offer from a school as a recruit.

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Wow! Hell of a college experience!

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