WVU at Houston

Epic finish tonight. Houston was up 3 with with 4th and 10 from midfield and hit the TE on a downfield crossing pattern and he threw off a couple of tacklers and scored. WVU went up 4 with 12 seconds left, but did get a celebration penalty. Houston ran the Kick off back to their own 43 with 7 seconds left. They hit a short pass and got it to midfield with 3 seconds left and then executed a perfect Hail Mary play for the winning TD. WVU dropped to 4-2, Houston got their first Big 12 win.


Don’t forget the penalty called on WVU for excessive celebration after the TD…that was a huge factor in Houston pulling out the lucky win.


Agree. But I did say “but did get a celebration penalty”.

FS2 just started an edited rebroadcast of the WVU Houston game at 11. Fourth quarter excitement will probably air between 12-12:30.