Wright State AD Bob Grant to retire at the end of March

Talk about strange timing.


Strange timing to retire after the biggest sport your university has wraps up? I’ve heard he has a couple options, all less stressful than being a college AD, lined up.

I haven’t heard anything. WSU is still financially struggling. They cut their School of Business to two departments (combined all the departments into 2 large departments) but they are still having problems

I know WSU’s coach is getting paid a lot. Maybe the president is looking to make a switch to save money?

The strange timing one was St Bonaventure. He resigned for apparently turning down an NIT bid without the coaches or other admin knowing he did it

That is not the case. He’s ready to move out of the turbulent NCAA, take a break to spend time with family, then consider some other offers he has. It isn’t new or a surprise.

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Their Head Basketball coach is going to S.Ill.

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