Wright State 73 Louisville 72

After the double OT loss vs Davidson on Wednesday night, this game worried me


Orville and Wilbur state look like a nice program. Glad they are a local rival.


Louisville has lost an exhibition game, to Bellermine, and to Wright State already, 3 devastating losses. They are still paying their last coach to not coach, maybe this guy will join the paid vacation list too.

By the way Professor, New Bremen girls won the state volleyball title today. 5 straight years in the state championship game, this was their third title.


Any of those ladies looking for a place to play, I hope our coach is looking…

Cards 0-2, on back-to-back 1 point losses.

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Great assessment of the Ville’s season so far. They‘ve got a lot to work at. But a wins a win, and you’ve got last year’s win at NC State and now this year at Louisville. That’s 2-0 vs the ACC for Wright State the last two seasons. I’ll take it!

Bowling Green’s at the Nutt House on Tuesday night. Potential for a let down is very high, so we’ll see.

Great video from Coach Nagy after the game

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