Would Wally have transferred?

If the transfer portal existed 20+ years ago as it does now, do you think Szczerbiak would have entered before his senior season? We had a good team coming back, and I believe we were picked to win the MAC, so perhaps he would have stayed?

He was coming off injury…so hard to say on this one…

He had Shannon in Oxford and would have stayed for her. Only later did he get close with sideline reporters.

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Good point, Skins.


Heard if Charlie didn’t get the job when herb came

Rumor was that Herb wanted Wally to transfer to NC State. But he’d have to sit our a year back then, plus his GF was at Miami.

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no rumor was if charle didn’t get the job after herb left he would went some where

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My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Wally pass out at 31 Flavors his freshman year. I guess it’s pretty serious.


Thank you, Simone………

Fry? Fry? Fry?

“They Bought It. Incredible. One Of The Worst Performances Of My Career, And They Never Doubted It For A Second”

Movie never gets old…still good today!