Women's basketball roster

Nothing has changed on MURedHawks. com, they still have last year’s roster. Last year, as far as I know, we had 14 scholarship players and one walk on. Vanessa Garrelts was the only graduation loss.

Since last season, we have announced the signing of 3 young women. Riley Neal is a 5/10 F from Kentucky. Sierra Morrow is a 6-1 C, a transfer from Bradley, and now we have signed Jessie Dai, a 6-2 F from China.

Women’s basketball can have a maximum of 15 scholarships. No players leaving has been announced. If everyone is returning, we would have 13 scholarship players returning and have added 3 more which would put us at 16. So either someone left or one of the girls we thought was on scholarship will not be on scholarship this season. There has been one girl on the team the last two seasons who does not have MAC basketball ability, perhaps she never was or perhaps is no longer on scholarship. Plus we also had a walk on last season.

Jada Duckett, Tajah Foster-Walker and Ti Fulton all missing from the roster. If they’re all really gone we have serious issues inside.

Katey Richason also gone.

We have serious issues even if they return. I have said it before and I will say it again now, there is no reason whatsoever Miami should not consistently turn out very competitive women’s teams.


I just looked at the new roster and Katey is still listed there. The three bigs that are gone were not very good last year. Our best center from last year is returning and we have a transfer center who was a starter at Bradley next year. We will probably not have the numbers of big girls but we should get better play.

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Dick, the bar has not been set very high if we are to play better.

This year definitely should be a put up or shut up moment for the program.

I do agree with you that there is no excuse for Miami women’s basketball to be at the bottom of the MAC 3 consecutive years. Almost every other women’s program is battling for MAC championships every year. Only the horrible basketball record kept the women from winning the all sports trophy again. If the department had the money, this staff would/should have been fired before we got to this point.