Women’s Hockey going to 2023 Nationals and need some financial help

Been a while since a post was made about the 3 time National Champion Miami Women’s Club Hockey. After a COVID interruption and a an off season, the team has made it back and qualified for the Women’s Club National Tournament. As with any club program, donations are needed to help get the women to Massachusetts. Please read the announcement below. It’s part of a press release from Dr. Jim Stearns, who’s been part of the Women’s team since their start. If you can possibly contribute, it’ll be very welcome!

The Lady RedHawks Need Your Help To Get To Nationals

From the first day of practice, the team goal this year was to get to “Nationals.” Both players and coaches have worked as hard as any Miami Women’s Hockey team in our history to make that dream a reality. A very young team came up with clutch win after clutch win to get the invitation they deserved. As we all know, transportation and lodging costs have increased dramatically the last few years. We need to get 23 players and coaches to Boston and back so that our players can have a wonderful experience, an experience they will always remember and cherish together for a lifetime.

Our “Friends” give us the most important gift of all - you care about us. If you can also help us defray some of the cost of our trip, we would be beyond grateful. Below is a link to our Advancement page for giving to ACHA D1 Miami Women’s Hockey. We sincerely appreciate any help you can give these deserving young women and their coaches.


Love and Honor!


Chip in some $ if you can!
Ladies are Going for national championship. Good for them.


I donated. Nice to see at least one team going to a national tournament in 2023.


I donated and wish them success.


Club sports was really important to me during my time at Miami. Glad to help keep the winning tradition going! Good luck to them!

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Thanks to everyone who has donated, so far. First game for Miami is vs Minot State at 7pm tonight (Thursday)

Go Lady RedHawks! Is there a roster available anywhere?

Found one. Looks like they have a D3 NESCAC transfer from Williams.

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Meanwhile in Marlborough - 10 seed Miami beats 7 seed Arizona State 3-2 yesterday…plays 1 seed Liberty this evening.



Yea us

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Other than softball and field hockey, I can’t remember a Miami team winning a game in the post season tournament

Tough loss tonight to 1 Seed Liberty. 1-1 and Liberty scored at the 18 minute mark of the 3rd. Miami had to pull the goalie immediately and Liberty got an EN goal at 18:35. Final 3-1. It’s pool hockey so I assume we’ve got at least one more game. It’s hard to calculate.

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I believe they’re done, per the team Twitter. I think this was a double elimination situation, and we’d already lost one.

I hadn’t seen the earlier loss. Too bad.