With 2 games to go, updated MAC women's standings

UT 14-2
BS 13-3
BG 13-3
KS 11-5
NIU 7-9
UA 7-9
EMU 6-10
WM 6-10
MU 6-10
UB 5-11
CMU 4-12
OU 4-12

Toledo took over first with a 2 point win at Ball State. Buffalo blew out BG at BG ( second home loss in a row, and BG plays Ball State and Toledo this week).). We are now in a 3 way tie for 7,8, and 9. We have won only 2 road games all year and lost at home to OU in overtime, but I would say that in all likelihood, a win there on Wednesday would get us in, a loss would mean we had to upset Ball State in our final game on Saturday. We need to play a great game at OU.