Where Do Miami's Students Come From?

Interesting chart. It would seem like Miami has been successfully broadening our regional and national recruiting. I believe that it wasn’t too long ago that over 75% of out of state students were coming from the Chicago pipeline.


I’m in that little yellow sliver!


Was watching the State of the University address for this past year, and President Crawford mentioned that Miami is marketing bigly in Illinois (Chicagoland) and Connecticut. I am now living in Chicago and have seen ads for prospective Miami U students in the mall, and plenty of “M” decals on newer cars. Seems like it is working!

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Back in the day (mid 80s) I use to joke that one-quarter of the Miami student body was from the Cincinnati area, one-quarter was from the Cleveland area, and one-quarter was from the Chicago area, and I probably wasn’t too far off.


Tons of us from Dayton back then, as well.

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As a Miami student from California I always find it interesting to see other California Miami students because there is little to no marketing there. I only found out about Miami because someone’s neice went here and said it was good for business

Back in the day, we used to talk about the number of kids from the 4 Cs - Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago. when my daughter was there, they said they added a fifth C: China. All Cs well represented.


I see Miami billboards nowadays in O’Hare almost any time I land there.

20 years ago, I used to joke that Miami was 50% Ohio, 25% Chicago (I was one of those), and 25% elsewhere. Although my Business Stats attendance and grades were both suboptimal, I think I was damn close to the truth.


OU counts West Virginia as in-state.


I’m down in the southern part of Chicagoland, so I typically fly out of Midway (when I do fly). I saw a billboard at Orland Square Mall, and many of my neighbors are sending their kids to MU. I joke that Northwestern QB Jack Lausch should transfer to Miami – he’d feel right at home (he went to Chicago Brother Rice, which is a Chicago south side Catholic HS)! Probably get more playing time too!

Bash: seemed that way…I made many life long friends during my time at Miami. I would roughly divide them into: Cincy burbs, Cleveland burbs, Toledo burbs, and Chicago burbs.

The only marketing out here is my license plate.

For those interested, he did all the conferences, so here’s the breakdowns for UC and OSU. I’d guess the grey area for UC is almost entirely reciprocal tuition kids from metro area counties in Indiana and Kentucky.

While I am sure you are correct and many of UC’s out of state students are from nearby it isn’t the same institution it used to be.

In the last two weeks I have met UC students from New York, Colorado and California. The 25/75 percentile splits on ACT scores are only one point removed from Miami.

The former commuter school of Clifton is now the third most selective public school in Ohio and it is uncomfortably close to second place.


I’m guessing most of EMU, Buffalo and Toledo foreign students are Canucks!

A year or two ago I saw that we had 2,500 students from the People’s Republic of China. Amazing number. Good news is they all pay full “out of state/continent” tuition.
Maybe Xi had a granddaughter who attended Miami.

The reality is that it is not even close to full tuition. The competition for international students is brutal these days.


This is kind of a dumpy graph. We border Kentucky and I know we’ve had athletes from there. Same with Indiana and Michigan, yet those are classified as “all other states.” Sam hell is that! You could list 39 other states in the descriptions on this display and likely none of them go to MU. I’m calling Shenanigans! Pro tip: either name the states missing, or try dominant high schools. The readout will be clean. Like my ‘72 Nova. CLEAN!!!

Edit: I don’t mean to be salty, just not certain this has nuance to be useful.

MightyMU where did you see that we had 2,500 students from the PRC? I think that number maybe a bit high. It has definitely declined over the last 3 years.

Those are definitely pre-covid numbers. In 2019 Miami had 2,682 students from China and in 2023 that was down to 548.

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