Whatever Happened to… Luka Eller

It’s Monday, not much happening.

Luka Eller plays for Division III John Carroll in suburban Cleveland. Most of the players come from the Cleveland area, as does Eller (Mentor). Luke Frazier, of Dayton and Ohio U, was a high school teammate and leads JCU in scoring. Eller has played all 16 games and started the last four.


I get that it can be tough to project high schoolers and John Carroll is good for their level, but what were we doing recruiting a guy who’s averaging 6.2 ppg and struggling for minutes in D3?

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Hence one of the reasons for our “stellar” records under Cooper and Owens. Recruiting. Note, I said “one” of the reasons. We all know there were many others. Glad Luka has found a good home.

The transfer portal is not a great thing for mid majors like Miami, but the absolute best part of it is that it allows players who are over recruited to move to a place where they can play and have a nice career. It also allows those who are successful to advance to a higher level if they so desire. So it is a plus for the players.

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