I thought the picture of Wally being listed as “Random Dude” was funny. Miami is getting a reputation for unknown players.

For those of you who have built tables in databases, you’ll understand this really quick. Apparently, one player wasn’t updated onto the ESPN+ broadcast yesterday

I loved when Reghi called Firstname Lastname “John Amos”

That is funny, but we don’t need names.
We are a tribe. We are a team.
We are Miami!
Win out and hope for some big time luck and I will see you all at the NY6 Game!


Na this is bullshit.

Kid deserves to have his name out there.

Let’s beat the hell out of BG

Me when i forget to change my create a player name in Madden

Prodesse Quam Conspici

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For the record, I beat Barstool to that one. Take that, Barstool.

But they better remember that they tweeted out that typo if we end up playing in Tucson on 12/30.

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