What’s the over on Miami hockey games 2/3 and 2/4? (Total)

Hockey 2/3 and 2/4. VS St.Cloud at their barn.

St Cloud 16
Miami 4

Dec 9-10 in in the friendly confines of Oxford (2022 ) it was Miami 8-7 in a split.

I’ll be impressed if we even get on the board after the last few series.


Holy crap. We’re leading! Fletcher gets a 4 on 4 goal about 5 minutes in.

Then again, the meltdown usually seems to hit in the second, but still…a good start!

ETA: Tied after 1.

ETAA: Still tied after 2! We avoided the second period slump for once…traded power play goals, and also killed off a big 5 on 3 power play.


1-1 after 1, then 2-2 after 2. Amazingly St. Cloud had a 5 on 3 advantage for 1:57 late in the second and did not score. Persson in goal tonight.


Hallen gets the 4 on 4 goal for the go ahead with 16 to go!

And just like in the first, SCSU ties it up just a minute or so later. ETA: Just kidding…goal disallowed for goaltender interference!


SCSU ties it at 3 with a little over 6 minutes to go.

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OT. I typically hate free hockey, but it definitely seems like a win right now.

So frustrating that the tie goal for SCSU was a SHG, but that feels par for the course this season…


That was the craziest shootout I’ve ever seen. Total goalie showcase. SCSU finally got one past Persson with the 10th skater. I’ve been pretty critical of Persson during this slump, but he was on point tonight. It’s hard to be disappointed with that “loss”. That was a completely different team than the one that played NoDak last weekend.

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A SOL that was an even game at the fifth best team in the country is orders of magnitude better than the recent performances. Good to see the effort even if it wasn’t quite enough for the win.


An excellent Miami performance!
Get ‘em Saturday.
So the “over” after game one is at 7.( including the Shoot out goal for SC).

That was the longest shootout in league history.!

Miami starting a lot of freshmen tonight,again. They’re playing their way
into the lineup.

Looks like the same lineup as last night, here’s hoping for a similar result! (although a W would be really nice, I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic at this point, lol)

Can’t wait to hear how many different ways the SCSU play by play guy pronounces Barbolini tonight…:roll_eyes:

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Down 1-0 on a ppg after the first. Too many penalties, as always. St Cloud looks a lot less sloppy than they did last night, but we’re (mostly, kind of) hanging in there.

Goal! Tied at 1-1 with 32 seconds left


and heading to OT again

That was sweet! I can’t remember the last time we actually scored a goal with the extra attacker.

I might have to rescind my standard complaint here of hating free hockey. I will happily take free hockey tonight. :laughing:


Shootout…again. How many skaters will it take tonight?

Edited: And the answer is 2. :roll_eyes: Persson apparently used up all of his amazing saves for the night in regulation and OT.

Still…if you would have told me going in that we would come out of this weekend with a pair of ties, I would have laughed. Loudly. The team that showed up for this series is definitely not the team that lost the last 8 games. They actually looked like they knew the basic fundamentals of hockey. You know, like winning faceoffs. And not making catastrophic turnovers repeatedly. Because I am an eternal optimist for Miami sports, hope for the future has returned. For the moment, anyway. :crazy_face: