What’s the over for Miami hockey vs #15 Omaha 2 games this weekend, 11?

Jan 20,21 7 total goals were scored at Omaha.

Feb 17,18 in the friendly confines of the Goggin? What’s your over?
I’ll take 11,RedHawks are scoring more since Jan is in the rear view mirror,

Omaha’s assistant coach passed away unexpectedly yesterday it seems.


I saw that article. He Sounded like a much admired man who will be missed.Sorry for Omaha’s loss.

Gonna need a big Saturday. We won’t score 10, but I’m hopeful for a win. Likely the last one for the season.

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*should be moved to ice hockey

Pretty good effort against a quality team, no puck luck, not a strong enough third period.

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Miami backup goalie played very well with Persson out.( illness).
Miami could barely buy a face off win.

We were at the game last night. First hockey game we have seen in years. At Miami for our daughter’s Make it Miami event, and decided since we were in town we would try to get tickets. I was not impressed at all with this Miami team. Multiple times their passes were far off target, and multiple times players outright whiffed on hitting the puck. Also, our team seems small and not very physical. We were sitting in Section 6. The game experience itself was fun, and it was great seeing the synchronized skating team. My daughter especially enjoyed that.


It is a really sad comment that we are hoping for a win tonight because it might be our last one of the season. It would also be the first win since December.

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On pace to be one of the worst second halves in Miami history.

Lowest number of second half wins:
1 (90/91)
2 (18/19)

Did the hockey knowledgeable among us expect this train wreck of a season? It’s year 3 for Berg, correct? I hear the comments that we are all playing mostly freshmen his year, although I am not exactly sure why…

The freshmen are talented and earn playing time.
Another good class next year should get this thing turned around.

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This year 4. And no, we all expected more at this point.

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Berg had three seasons near the basement of the CCHA before rising up in year four in the WCHA. Based on the situation he got into and stiff competition it’s fair to give him some time, but still being in the basement after yea trout just isn’t good enough. Next season needs to see us move into 6th/5th place territory at a minimum.