What is HawkTalk to you?

I’m leaving this open ended, but I was thinking about this the other day. What purpose does it serve to you? To Miami? What does it mean and what impact does it have to you?

For me it’s a combination of news and conversation.

I don’t have any access to SW Ohio local tv and I don’t have any interest in buying a subscription to a local newspaper in a place where I don’t live anymore (especially since coverage in the local papers is pretty spotty for Miami anyways). We get virtually no coverage from national outlets. There’s Hustle Belt, but it’s extremely limited and the quality is very hit or miss. This site is one of the few ways to get news about the teams.

It’s also possibly the only place with somewhat decent discussion around the team. Some of the other forums on the internet (Twitter, Reddit, etc.) have virtually no discussion around Miami sports unless we make headlines for doing something stupid. I have former classmates I talk to somewhat regularly, but there’s a lot of other things I want to talk about with them and it doesn’t make sense to angrily text someone who’s a casual fan to complain about Jack Owens’ substitution patterns. It’s also hard to talk about Miami sports with people who are general sports fans, but not alums, because the lack of broader coverage means they usually know nothing about our current going-ons.

MHT fills those niches for me.


I know this seems obvious, but it’s a place for me to discuss Miami sports with other RedHawk fans. We don’t have a very big fanbase, so it’s nice to be able to post among like-minded fans. I’m on Twitter often, and since I follow a lot of Cleveland sports fans, the discussion is OSU. There’s not really such a thing as “Miami U. Twitter.” Outside social media, most in SW Ohio are UC or UK fans. MHT is the best (and pretty much only) outlet for me to talk Miami.

It’s a great place to meet hot dudes on the internet.


What is air? What is water? What is motherfucking Miami athletics!!


After graduating from Centerville in ‘67 and from Miami in ‘71, I worked in SW Ohio until early 1974 - when I moved to the Pacific NW.I attended a lot of games during the 71-73 seasons, including the come-from-behind win at Purdue that launched our three magical years. After January 1974 I never lived in Ohio again, although I made annual trips back in the fall to visit my retired parents at Lakengren and catch a couple of Miami football games every year. In 2006, I relocated to New Hampshire and in 2008 to coastal North Carolina. Everywhere I lived, Ive talked Miami Athletics with anyone who would listen. I discovered the board about 10 years ago but the existing technology had me shut out for a while, so I just followed the conversations without the ability to participate. Finally, about six years ago I think, something got fixed and I got in. The board is a great way for this old retired RedHawk to continue to engage in discussions about Miami sports - particularly about football. I’ve met a couple of you at the recent bowl games in St Pete and Mobile. Hope to meet some more of you at our next one. Until then, I’ll just keep on Hawktalking! Love and Honor!

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Excuse me, I’ll have you know that I’m an unattractive dude

For games like tonight, catharsis

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Chuckers. Don’t sell yourself short. Flaunt it like those husky broads at the mall wearing the spandex pants that have “juicy” written on the tuchus. They’ve got the right attitude.

I joined the old site nearly 20 years ago when my kids were young. I enjoyed talking Miami sports with my “internet sports nerd friends” after putting the kids to bed. I loved listening to late night hockey games against Alaska with the other faithful few. I was on a board at Miami for 12 years and had the opportunity to get back to Oxford often, but MHT provided another fun connections. It has been great to get to know some of the old guys (that now includes thechuck). Now that I have rolled off the board, my kids attend other universities, and Miami’s commitment to athletics is questionable, I do not follow this site as closely (as I just discovered the new site yesterday). However, this is still a great way to stay connected!


Simply, the only place I can talk Miami sports.

The basketball team has not lost since it’s creation. Jive will be cutting the nets down in April.


MHT was a haven for me when I was newly divorced with a toddler. There wasn’t a whole lot to do after I put the kiddo to bed at night except hang out on the internet. Listening to and watching Miami hockey games was a lot more fun when I could do it “with” other Miami fans. Thanks to MHT, I reconnected with a couple of old friends and made a whole bunch of new ones who started out as internet friends but have become friends IRL. Getting peer pressured into going to DC for the Frozen Four was one of the best sporting experiences I’ve ever had (heck, it was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had, period)! The cute toddler in that profile photo is now an awkward teenager who’s learning to drive and I don’t have nearly as much time to spend on the internet as I used to, but the sense of community is still there. Love and Honor!


I’m like several others on the board. Graduated a while back (‘68), lived in Cincinnati most of my life and went to a lot of football, basketball and hockey games. Season ticket holder in football and basketball for quite a few years. Not much coverage in the local Cincinnati papers….even less these days. Moved to the Northeast (Boston). On annual trips back home to see family we always get to Oxford to see a game. My wife and I (Miami Merger) go to bowl games ,NCAA tournament basketball or other Miami games in the Northeast (Army, UMass ) to stay connected. The board is a way to see what others are thinking about Miami athletics since I’m not close and can’t get much feedback otherwise.


Great forum for Miami news, opinion, and some banter. Nice collection of new and older fans with varied degrees of interest in Miami athletics.

New Forum looks great, and is effectively-moderated.

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HawkTalk is a place that allows me to escape to a simpler time when I didn’t have to watch Hallmark Holiday movies 24/7 thanks to my wife’s obsession. (Spoiler Alert: the guy and girl get together in the end!)

Watched two of them yesterday and even though they got together in the end, both couples did break up during the show. But everybody had plenty of cookies and hot chocolate. And it snowed on Christmas Eve.


They need to mess with the convention a bit. Girl ends up being a Cyborg. Guy turns into The Alabama Leprechaun. Something. Anything!

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I’d watch that.


First, I recommend the Deck the Hallmark podcast for a review of the movies by a guy that loves Hallmark movies, a guy who likes Hallmark movies, and a guy who hates Hallmark movies.
Second, what is MiamiHawkTalk - it’s a place to discuss Miami sports and find out what’s going on since there’s so little media attention. I’m a football season ticketholder and lifelong Cincinnatian. I graduated from Lakota shortly before the split so while most Cincinnatians still follow their high school, mine no longer exists. Instead, I follow Miami sports.

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