What are the odds Miami can get Austen Swankler

Swankler just left BGSU for the transfer portal… he was recently named CCHA co-preseason player of the year and could get immediate eligibility somewhere else due to the hazing at BG. It’s only a short trip down I-75 and our roster is kinda small…


Get him in here,stat!


Rumored he was going to Michigan Tech, but yeah, I’d take him in a Miami sweater in a heartbeat.

Still can’t believe he played a season in the OHL and the NCAA said, oops, sorry, we didn’t catch that, go ahead and play D-1 unabated.

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I’ve been monitoring the BUGS message board. The details are slowly starting to leak out.

Lurker’s hot take, tl;dr version: Swankler got caught stealing stuff and before facing disciplinary action he filed a “hazing” charge then ran to the papers with his side of the story. I certainly could be wrong here, but based on the BUGS board, USCHO, College Hockey Discord, the article in The Blade, and a couple other sources, this scenario fits the fact and rumor pattern. But who really knows at this point. The whole situation stinks and it’s a shame as Swankler is a top line player on any NCHC team.

With respect to him landing here, I think the last thing Bergeron needs right now is to deal with the detritus associated with a situation like this. I also think that if he doesn’t land at a DI program soon, the scenario is likely accurate. Reminder that college hockey is a small, close fraternity. To think that by now Bergeron, and every other coach, doesn’t know precisely what happened is naïve. Though Mel Pearson would probably take a flier here…

Back to lurking.



Swankler speaks! There’s a whole thread of him trying to set the record straight.

Also, whether or not this is true I feel like bergeron doesn’t have too much to lose cuz if things don’t start getting better real fast record-wise I’m afraid he’s gonna be canned anyways ¯_(ツ)_/¯ might as well take a risk when we’ve already lost one of our top forwards for a good amount of the year

Has the kid shown any interest in Miami?

Not that I’ve heard of. He’s a Pittsburgh-area kid.

My guess is he turns pro and signs a contract soon. Training camps are starting to ramp up now.

The kid is a bum and his mommy got involved too. He’s not liked and we don’t need this cancer in our locker room.

What did his mom do?

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Sounds like he’s a hard pass. Unless other players come forward to back up his accusations, I’m starting to believe the worst about him and why he’s leaving BUGS.


He did commit to Michigan Tech after all.

Austen Swankler on X: “Very proud and blessed to announce my commitment to Michigan Tech University. Can’t wait to be part of Huskies this upcoming semester! #gohuskies🐺 https://t.co/NGNY9ru1bA” / X (twitter.com)

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At BG February 23/24. Should be a welcoming environment at Slater Arena. :joy:

The police report on the BUGS/Swankler mess has been released. tl;dr: Swankler stole stuff, got caught, then filed a bogus hazing charge to cover his tracks.

We’re lucky he didn’t land here. Michigan Tech now has a bit of a problem on their hands.

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