What are the odds Miami can get Austen Swankler

Swankler just left BGSU for the transfer portal… he was recently named CCHA co-preseason player of the year and could get immediate eligibility somewhere else due to the hazing at BG. It’s only a short trip down I-75 and our roster is kinda small…


Get him in here,stat!


Rumored he was going to Michigan Tech, but yeah, I’d take him in a Miami sweater in a heartbeat.

Still can’t believe he played a season in the OHL and the NCAA said, oops, sorry, we didn’t catch that, go ahead and play D-1 unabated.

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I’ve been monitoring the BUGS message board. The details are slowly starting to leak out.

Lurker’s hot take, tl;dr version: Swankler got caught stealing stuff and before facing disciplinary action he filed a “hazing” charge then ran to the papers with his side of the story. I certainly could be wrong here, but based on the BUGS board, USCHO, College Hockey Discord, the article in The Blade, and a couple other sources, this scenario fits the fact and rumor pattern. But who really knows at this point. The whole situation stinks and it’s a shame as Swankler is a top line player on any NCHC team.

With respect to him landing here, I think the last thing Bergeron needs right now is to deal with the detritus associated with a situation like this. I also think that if he doesn’t land at a DI program soon, the scenario is likely accurate. Reminder that college hockey is a small, close fraternity. To think that by now Bergeron, and every other coach, doesn’t know precisely what happened is naïve. Though Mel Pearson would probably take a flier here…

Back to lurking.



Swankler speaks! There’s a whole thread of him trying to set the record straight.

Also, whether or not this is true I feel like bergeron doesn’t have too much to lose cuz if things don’t start getting better real fast record-wise I’m afraid he’s gonna be canned anyways ¯_(ツ)_/¯ might as well take a risk when we’ve already lost one of our top forwards for a good amount of the year

Has the kid shown any interest in Miami?

Not that I’ve heard of. He’s a Pittsburgh-area kid.

My guess is he turns pro and signs a contract soon. Training camps are starting to ramp up now.

The kid is a bum and his mommy got involved too. He’s not liked and we don’t need this cancer in our locker room.

What did his mom do?

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Sounds like he’s a hard pass. Unless, other players come forward to back up his accusations, I’m starting to believe the worst about him and why he’s leaving BUGS.