Western Michigan Weekend Series

Three game series upcoming starting March 15 with no midweek game in between. That loss to 8-16 Jax State really cost us in the Massey rankings.Theyve dropped us to #45 and have us at #10 among mid-majors. Looking at our schedule, though, it appears we’ll probably be favored in every game the rest of the regular season.

Addressing an issue I raised on the Georgia thread, here is the list of undergrad players that were on our roster last season but are gone this year - and where they disappeared to:

Noelle Reid Quinnipiac
Laurelai Depew Rutgers
Maggie Murphy Oakland
Karlee Juarez UNKOWN
Dylan Scott UT Martin
Taylor Turner Bowling Green

Just guessing, but none of those programs is at the same level as Miami has been for a few years. We also had a few girls stay for their 5th or 6th year. That may have caused some girls leaving to look for a chance to start.


The only one who really saw the field more than a couple times in that list is Maggie Murphy. Taylor and Laurelai had a few chances but never fared very well and with the pressure to win we almost exclusively used Bri. That said, we will have some key pieces graduate this year so look to this year’s younger class to grow in their contributions over the next calendar year.


And the two pitchers we brought in will “age out” as well, I think.

Louisville appears to be decent, but we’ll be at home.

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They are ranked below Miami - at least in the Massey Rankings.

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We beat WMU 8-2 yesterday and run-ruled them 16-2 in 5 innings this afternoon. Game 2 today to start shortly.

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Another run rule in game 2 12-4 win


Western was picked 2nd from the bottom in the MAC. Next conference series is against Ohio, preseason #2. We host Louisville first for one on Tuesday.

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Felt like Ohio closed the gap a bit last year but I think this team has improved again this year. Should be a fun series

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