Welcome to Miami, Coach Samantha Pitter

Another new hire for the RedHawks, Samantha Pitter will lead the Men’s & Women’s swim and Dive program. Impressive resume, to say the least.


Awesome - a NESCAC alum (Hamilton ‘07). Johnny Mac and I can both identify!

Coached at MIT, Harvard and Pitt. Obviously academics are important to her program building!


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So despite the Men’s and Women’s teams now being in different leagues, we are continuing to have one person coaching both teams. It might take some careful scheduling and planning and a strong assistant coach. Coach Pitter seems well qualified for the job.


More and more I am seeing swim teams follow what track programs have been doing: sending athletes to specific meets according to their specific qualifications and needs. For example, for our most recent invitational meet, some schools only sent ten or so swimmers and a single coach, and another team only sent their divers. The rest of the athletes went elsewhere for the weekend. Everything leads up to the conference meet at the end of the season anyway, so team scores at a regular season meet are pretty much unimportant to the success of the program overall. It’s not how you start, its how you finish. I actually don’t see very much coaching going on during the competition as it happens primarily in practice. The coach(es) is there to check in with the meet officials and see that the athletes are appropriately entered (or scratched) in the correct events.