Week 12 AP Top 25

We got a vote! Currently tied with A&M for #34 overall. Toledo has 51 votes and is #28. They could be ranked by the MACC. I believe this is the first time we’ve received any votes since the end of 2010?


Take that Jimbo!


I haven’t done a full check, but we didn’t receive any votes in the preseason polls from 2011 or 2017, the post MAC championship poll from 2019, or any polls in 2020, so I would assume this is the first time since the 2010 final polls.


The voter who ranked us is David Jablonski of the Dayton Daily News.


So we are the REAL Miami? I don’t see the Hurricanes on that list!


Lol I noticed that, too. At first I wondered if I was a misprint. Let’s clinch the East on Wednesday and pick up some more votes!


God Bless David Jablonski!

Im USA Today uodated re-ranking of all FBS teams this week, UT moves up to 25, and Miami 36 (up 2 spots).


Might Toledo be ranked in the AP top 25 at the time of the MACC if they win their last two regular season games?

It’s possible. As to the NY6 berth…

Tulane has been winning VERY close games against not so good opponents the past few weeks. They could lose to FAU or UTSA… or even both.

Liberty is not likely to lose to UMass or UTEP but could drop one to NMSU after a long trip to El Paso.

America’s darling - JMU - could lose either or both of their last two games…against App State at home and on the road at Coastal.

Toledo could have a shot but Miami must prevent that.


That’s a pretty good guess, especially if they’re able to beat BG convincingly. Late in the regular season you start seeing more G5 teams with 10+ wins creep into the Top 25 as borderline Top 25 P5 schools start accumulating 3/4 losses.


Always far more G5 teams in the Top 25 at season’s end than in late August.

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Here’s a question- if we win out, are MAC champs and 12-2 after a bowl win, do we have a shot at cracking the Top 25? I think it depends on how others ahead of us do.

I think that definitely gets us a Top 25 finish, especially considering who the two losses were to.

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An awful, sub-G5 caliber team…and Toledo.

Might depend on who we beat in the bowl game, but yes, I think we’d have a shot at getting ranked, but realistically you have to be within striking distance before the bowl games.

So, if we win out and beat UT in the MACC, we’d need to be getting quite a few votes and be ranked around 28th or so to have a decent shot at moving into the top 25 rankings w a bowl win.

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I see what you did there.

There have been twelve division champs that have entered the MAC title game with 10+ wins since 2003, eight of them were ranked (and 2009 CMU was ranked immediately after winning heading into bowl season). Based on that there’s a strong possibility that 11-1 Toledo is ranked, and a nonzero chance that 10-2 Miami is.

If Coral Gables takes a knee against Georgia Tech, they’d probably be ranked right now. They’d be 7-3 with 3 competitive road losses against teams with a combined record of 25-5. Wins over Clemson, Texas A&M, and us.

Don’t forget, about half the teams in the Top 25 will lose their bowl games.