I have been in Kalamazoo since 3:30. It was 55 degrees with some Sun then. It started raining after 5. Mostly light rain. It is 49 now at 10:15 with some wind and a real feel of 42. More of the same all day tomorrow with a 92% probability of rain. Most of the time the rain has been very light. I have a ton of winter clothes and rain gear and will make a final choice of what to wear when I park and walk to the stadium. I have not seen any lightening so l am hopeful there will be no delays. Hey, this will be our third rainy game day this year, might be to our advantage.


If forecast holds up it’ll be coming down pretty good at kick off but over by the second half…having the late afternoon kick off time actually should work out…if we played earlier would be in rain the entire game.


Right now in the Chicago area it’s cold and pouring rain, so some of that is going to make its way over to SW Michigan.

It has been pouring all morning, but morning forecast said it would lighten up later in the afternoon.

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Rain continuing through 4 PM…basically stopping thereafter…temp to be in low 50’s.

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I miss Joe.

The cranberry harvest in South Haven Michigan was soaking wet. Stopped and bought some rain pants. Will leave for the game shortly.

Dick and the other Hawk talkers in Kazoos today will know best, but latest updated forecast looks like rain throughout the first half and possibly stopping by the second. Been raining all night and day in Kazoos but pretty sure Waldo Stadium has Field turf there.

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Where’s Waldo?

(sorry, I couldn’t help it)

It stopped raining about 3:00 and basically it was just a cloudy day with some wind factors. It was by far our coldest game so far. Amazingly the sun appeared late in the game and with a low angled 6:00 October sun it was blinding when you looked into it. Everybody felt very lucky after watching all the hard rain most of the day. Glad we did not plat at noon.