We are top 25 in football!

I just saw the USA Today poll. Look!


I’m a bit surprised. Seven of our eleven wins are against teams this ranking places 109-133.

But Ill take the appreciation they’re giving us!


And, ironically Coral Gables School of Malcontents is ranked # 43.

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You mean the fake Miami?

For all of the crap they gave Brett… he was right. He just had the wrong date.

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Yeah that’s where we have to take these things with a grain of salt. I know we are legit top 50. But likely 30-50 range. Still a great year.

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=>Miami is around 60-75 range IMO.

#73 with Sagarin


#61 in Massey

#43 in Massey Composite with a high of #19 and low of #114. Only teams we played ranked higher were Toledo (#41) and Miami of FLORIDA (#35) which happens to be the only two teams to beat Miami. Soft schedule obviously inflates the record.

But, if folks want to rank Miami in the top 25, I ain’t complaining!

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If I’m not mistaken, Sagarin has a significant margin of victory component. I like S&P and how they look at play by play outcomes adjusted for tempo and opponents. We’re 52nd again there. Bill Connelly, who does the S&P ratings, spent some time lauding our “blue-chip” special teams unit in his column this week on ESPN+.

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I really could see us 30-50 and that’s pretty great as it represents a huge jump. A top 25 program to me has a win over a ranked team (we do) and a really solid sos (we do not). But again, we are so much improved. That alone is a win!

My goal for Miami has always been to be a consistent FBS top 40 program with occasional forays into the top 25. That would equate to being a consistent top 20 team within the G5.

I think we’ve only finished in the top 15 overall four times in the modern college football era that began for us after WWII.

Our historic high water mark was 10th - achieved just twice in our history - once in the mid-70s and the last time in 2003.

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