Warren County recs

One of my wife’s friends is taking her whole family to her son’s week-long youth baseball tourney in “Cincinnati” next month. Turns out “Cincinnati” is actually “Warren County somewhere between Lebanon and Mason.” And they’re staying in Miamisburg, because apparently that was the closest place with a group rate.

Does anyone in the area have recs for things they can do in their down time? Kings Island and a Reds game are already on the agenda.

EDIT: I tagged this Men’s Sports/Other because I guess that’s where a post about youth baseball fits?

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There is a TopGolf in West Chester, also The Air Force Museum is always good and free admission-can easily spend a day there if needed.


Tell her to take the kids canoeing. You can rent canoes and go down the little Miami River. Depending on their age, should be fun.


The Air Force Museum is fantastic, though I admit I am a military aviation buff.


Our yard needs some work.


A little bit of a drive, (about 90 minutes) Tecumseh is a cool evening event. Even boys would like the outdoor play/drama. Real horses, gunfights, cannons, etc. Tecumseh

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I live in Warren County, near Mason. Miamisburg is about 40 minutes north of me, but I’m not very familiar with what’s around there.

Kings Island is a good choice, as is a Reds game. Although you’re looking at about an hour drive to get downtown. You may want to look at the Dayton Dragons schedule. They’re the Reds single A team and only about 15 minutes from Miamisburg. They have a very nice stadium for a single A team. Just a thought.

Liberty Center and Streets of West Chester are two entertainment/food/shopping areas nearby. That’s where the top golf is as well as movie theaters, bowling, etc.

And yes…I also live in Warren County (Springboro). Lovely area.


I took Viticulture and Enology at Miami and we took a tour here: https://valleyvineyards.com/

Really enjoyed it and their weekend cookout is apparently quite the event.

Youth baseball players at LaComedia and a vineyard? This is sarcasm, right?

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I know, right? You guys must have had wild bachelor parties.

BTW, Cheeks is in Miamisburg.

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Actually…LaComedia is for any adults that don’t have children to attend (to).

Or…“LaComedia For Kids” is behind the main Theatre. “The Great Escape” is playing in July. It’s a comedy-musical about a mischievous high-schooler that constantly sneaks out of a detention facility.

Diamonds is only a few miles past Cheeks……or so I’m told


Loveland castle is kind of cool if the travel time allows. Prolly about 35 minutes by car.

  • Caesar Creek Lake State Park
  • Renaissance Festival Grounds (not sure if they have something going that weekend)
  • Liberty Center is right at the border of Butler/Warren Counties
  • Waynesville and Lebanon are nice towns to walk around

I totally forgot about Caesar Creek! Great spot to find fossils and back in the day, we launched model rockets from there in the winter. Some very poorly made ones at that. I recall my friend Trevor launching one that went completely sideways and almost took out his dad’s Country Squire. Good times!

The vineyard will have food the kids can enjoy while the parents enjoy a couple glasses of wine. It’s not a lot different than going to a Korean BBQ place (in the sense that you cook the food yourself) with the whole family and the adults get a drink.

This was going to be my suggestion but I don’t think it opens until August.

Waynesville can be a really great option. I grew up near there and while I tease the “antique capital of the Midwest,” it’s a cute little village to spend some time walking. I think the Hammel House Inn is now under different management than when I worked there, but the history behind the building makes it a really unique place to get some food.