Vs NoDak

Could be a tough series at the Ralph this weekend. Red Savage is a scratch for tonight’s game. :grimacing:

Down 2-0 after the first and being outshot 10-3.

Dukovac is out too.

At least it’s a fair fight now.

Major on Kumlin for hitting too hard, UND scores immediately. 3-0.

Will we ever be able to compete in this league?

7-1 now.

Now we are just toying with them.

We were getting in a rental car at the Detroit airport when they scored the first goal on the major power play and I turned the game off. Sounds like that was a good choice. :face_vomiting:

Sooooo seems like our nice start to the year was a fluke?

Donato out tonight for game two, in addition to Savage and Dukovac.

I see the tactic here. By handicapping the team early on, Berg forces us to play harder with less. Thus setting us up for…greatness later! Not unlike when Yoda blindfolded Luke. Berg you rascal! Gotcha!!!

We take the early 1-0 lead on a goal by Waldron.

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Berg Berg Berg! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me 13,672 times, shame on you many times over. I like your tactics though. Let’s see if they can get us a win.

2-0 on a power play goal by Barbolini!

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Berg, it’s a damn good thing I’ve seen all the Air Bud pictures (I cry every time) or else I’d think you were pulling a miracle here. Yet, from that canon of film, I see your plan. Or at least G Beckmann and I do. Where the heck are all the hockey hooligans? It’s too quiet for this!


Mesenburg makes it 3-0 and the NoDak goalie is getting pulled!

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Berg, I can’t quit you. Nor can GB. And why is it only she and I give a crap? Must be HawkTalk nation is stuck arguing about the merits of how bad things are instead of living in the moment. Oh well. This has been a great game.

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she :wink:


Go us!