USA Today grades each FBS football team's season

We received an A+ along with six other programs including Michigan. Toledo got an A grade as I recall


We are FBS not FCS. FCS is the old Div I-AA.

Here is the complete article:


Best season since the Roethlisberger years! Best defense in a half century!


Oops. Boomer moment. Corrected!

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Miami Fl. D+
UC. D-

Nice catch Cincy!

As coach would say “that’s crazy good!”

We’re in some pretty tall cotton as the saying goes. The only G/5 school to get an A+.

In the MAC Toledo got an A- and Bobbies B+.

Seven of the teams we beat got D+, D or D-. Not to disparage but looks like we weren’t up against the cream of the crop.

But we are in with the cream of the crop!!! Great Season! Let’s Run it Back! (could be a tag line for '24 season)