Updated men's MAC standings

UT 14-2
KS 13-3
UA 12-4
BS 11-5
OU 9-7
NIU 8-8
UB 7-9
EMU 5-11
CMU 5-11
MU 5-11
BG 4-12
WM 3-13

So we are tied with Eastern and Central for 8th, 9th, and 10th. However, we would lose any tiebreakers with those teams as we are 0-2 vs Central and 0-1 vs Eastern. Central plays Toledo at home and at Western. Eastern plays at BG and at NIU. Chances of those two teams losing all 4 of those games is not good. So we are going to have to win both games at Western and at Buffalo. An interesting thing is that if Buffalo loses at Northern Illinois on Tuesday and we beat Western, then on Friday if we beat Buffalo we would tie them and would own the tiebreaker over them. So 7th place is possible.