Umbilical Hernia Surgery December 31st

Yea…What a way to spend New Year’s Eve. Just curious if anyone here has had recent hernia surgery. Your experiences,comments, etc…

I’m still pretty sore three days later, but hopefully the recovery will be fairly quick.

Right here! I had hernia surgery in February 2014. The first 24 hours was rest and staying ahead on the pain with the meds. Then my doctor wanted me out walking up and down the street to get the up and going.

I ended up with the hernia by moving my dad when he was sick. He was choking on a cough and I lifted him from his chair. He let his weight go on me and as Dave Attell said, “I felt a tug”. It took my body 2-3 years for the hernia to pop.

Everyone recovers differently. For me it was walking as much as I could. After 30 days of passing every 80-90 year old on the indoor track, as well as walking my dog 3-4 miles a day, the doctor released me. Talk to your doctor how they want you to recover.

Let’s talk lifting. I tried to lift a gallon of milk, a week post-op, and it damn near dropped me. Laundry, I’d take the clothes I wore one day to the laundry room the next morning. DO NOT TRY TO BE HE-MAN YOU’LL ONLY END UP IN MORE TROUBLE! You ever wanted to be a baby and have things done for you, now’s your chance. Just don’t take advantage of it.

Find yourself a trainer who understands how to recover from hernia surgery. But do so after the doctor gives the all clear. My friend added me to his clientele and I’ve been doing TRX work for years.

PM me if you’ve got more questions!

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Thanks! Very helpful.

I knew I had the hernia but it had never bothered me and I was advised I could have surgery or leave it alone.

But…In mid-December I sneezed three times and ended up in the ER. I never should have waited.

Listen to the doctor. No weight over that bottle of milk, no sudden twists, no pushes, etc. I used my hip to close a drawer a few days after surgery and thought I would be back to hospital. Listen and follow and things will go ok. Boy did I miss pickleball for 6 weeks.


I have one the the surgeon said I could probably get away w no surgery…I got it shoveling heavy snow 3 years ago. It’s pretty weird having one as it hurts sometimes but so far done OK without surgery…Doc said that there is about a 67% chance I will ever need it…we’ll see.

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That’s what they told me. I ended up in the IR.

I would get it done.