UC Hire

Any thoughts on Satterfield? Seems safe but unremarkable. The assistant pool money is insane compared to where we are. I was hoping that he would take the Buffalo coach. Will CM be as intimidated as usual?

Starting to think that G5 schools need to break away entirely and not play by the new rules; are there rules anymore? Maybe play all games in Spring for betting and TV?

I was hoping that Fickell would take some of his best players to Wisky and help us grab a win next or two!


I would be surprised if Satterfield’s agent did not aggressively go after the UC job.

Satterfield was on the hot seat for part of this season and he had to be looking ahead with apprehension. He now has a six year deal with a lot more job security. However, I think he only got a 300k bump.

Agree it is a safe hire in that he already has been tested at P5 level. They are also bringing him in at about 700k below what Fickell was making which also freed up more money for assistants.

I have heard that UC liked his experience with NIL in Louisville. No pro market in that city means that there was lot more money likely in play for NIL for the football and basketball teams at UL. UC must be hoping that he knows better how to play that game than a G5 head coach (Lewis, Candle, Creighton etc) or a P5 assistant. I have to think UC also thinks they are beyond the P5 assistant now for replacement coaches.