Two interesting MAC games on TV tonight

First we have another opportunity to watch Emoni Bates as Eastern goes to Ball State at 6:30 on CBSSN. The second is a really big game, an intense rivalry game and the battle between the two teams tied for first place, Kent at Akron at 9:00 on ESPNU. Should have a full house for that one.

EMU up 40-37 at half over BSU.

Ball state up 2 with 15 minutes to go.

Farrakahn missed two shots in the last 7 seconds and the game is going to OT. I think Bates has 26.

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Watch Bates try to take over in OT

Awe, you don’t know what you are talking about ! ( he just scored 9 straight Eastern points).


Cardinals ball, down 1, 28 seconds to go, 25 on the shot clock. Bates is at 35 now.

Cardinals up 3 now, with 8 seconds to go, Eastern ball. If Bates gets the ball, I would foul him.

Now up 4 with 2.4 seconds to go.

91-90 Ball State. Bates never touched the ball on offense in the last minute. Farrakahn missed two shots at the end of regulation and got one blocked and also missed the front end of a 1 and 1 in the last 40 seconds of OT. So Bates ended up with 35. Makes you appreciate the job Safford did on him.


The MAC is way better top to bottom this year. #fact

An absolute clinic on shitting coaching by Stan Heath down the stretch. Now you know why they’re 6-17 with a player with top of the lottery talent.

Akron got Round 1 over Kent. I’m guessing they’ll play 3 times this year. Kent is very good, but Akron is their kryptonite. Castaneda is steady, better than the streaky Carry. And Kent doesn’t have an answer for Freeman inside. He dominated inside. Really physical game. Really good environment at the JAR last night.