Turf renovation

Work has begun on replacing the Yager Stadium field turf. Curious if there will be any changes in look/design.

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Since we’ve gone to natural grass to field turf…how many time has the field been replaced?

I believe someone once said that our first turf season was 2003 and it was replaced with the current (now old) surface in 2010. The last few years ours was showing its age if I’m not mistaken.

Didnt help any when they had to use plows to clear snow off before the indoor was built. The field was due to be replaced. I dont anticipate any real changes with the new look of the new field

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That is too bad. The color has always been off and we have ability to incorporate heritage logos. Hope they do make some changes.


If the athletic dept wanted to do something cool, they’d mail a tiny piece of the old turf to every donor or alum who might donate in the data base. Even if you didn’t donate, you’d still likely open the dm to see why you were getting it. Easy to send in a clear envelope since it’s flat.
I think I would keep that piece of the field if I got it but that’s just me.


It would go well with my goal post section.


Honestly, I’d make cup coasters out of it and charge $100 for 4. Creativity is our only true weapon against bigger budgets.


I have a pen and pencil set from Cameron Indoor Stadium I purchased when they put in a new floor. Also a piece of the floor from when they won a national championship. My point is simple. People will buy just about anything. I would buy a set of coasters made from the turf- wouldn’t hesitate.

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That’s why creativity and authenticity are key to connecting with alums.

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I had the same thought. Unfortunately, there isn’t much creativity there

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I call dibs on one of the trough urinals if they ever replace those


You’re talking about what’s commonly called a “party urinal”

It would have been cool to do something similar to OSU (not the exact same) and put a few options out there for the fans to vote on. Ultimately it’s the Athletic Department’s call, but it would be nice to engage with fans online.

Damn fine idea. I had a similar thought when I saw they were replacing it. Something like a 2"x 2" piece of turf glued on to a nice wood plaque with a brass plate engraved identifying the origin of the turf. “This is the turf Ben played and won on.” I’d buy one.

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If you sent it and it was in lucite or nice glass (say a paper weight) and it had a geo coordinate with it where you could go online and find the exact spot it came from in the stadium and an associated play that took place there came to life. (Maybe it’s a QR in the shape of the M you activate with your phone.

Or again, just send scraps out and let everyone who registers to support football get to own a 2 by 2 plot of the stadium. (Ceremonially speaking.) Doing so lets them have voting rights on small things associated with the program. I think this is the way because most fans will never get to see their name on a building. They’re not whales. But minnows are powerful if you can aggregate them from a fundraising standpoint you can build wider support. This could. Sorry to write so much. Coffee kicking in.


Just to be clear, the turf that Ben played on is long gone. But you could do, “This is where Don Treadwell lost his 9th straight game” or “This is the spot where Chuck forgot to call a timeout against UC”.


A factual error for which I have no excuse. I thought that the turf was replaced after Ben but was too lazy to check the facts.
Sorry. An error that will not be made again.

“This is where we beat UMass by one point to end a 21 game losing streak because Mark Whipple didn’t trust his kicker to make a 20 yard field goal.”

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Maybe it’s an NFT called “pain” that’s basically a hologram of foibles you can pay to own!

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