Transfer Portal 2021-22 Final Analysis

For anyone who has access to The Athletic, Max Olson just posted an article presenting the final analysis of the impact of the transfer portal on football for the cycle that ended yesterday (7/31).

Here are a couple of paragraphs pertinent to G5 programs - Phelps and Pace included in this group.

“The count (of FBS players moving up from G5 to P5) is currently 123. Many of those players were all-conference performers who felt ready to bet on themselves and could make a big impact this fall.

Each of those 123 departures hurts, no doubt, for the coaches who put in all the effort to discover and develop them. Nobody likes feeling as if their program might be a feeder for bigger schools. Realistically, though, this should be expected going forward. Group of 5 coaches must anticipate that their best players are going to experience tampering and probably get offered money to move up.”


My only disagreement with your post is when you said the best players would, “probably get offered money to move up”. Change “probably” to “definitely” and I will agree 100% with you.

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That’s Max Olson’s quote. And I agree with you.